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The eBook I wrote, Survival Investing with Gold and Silver, discusses the process by which money is created, prices are inflated, and what you can do to protect your purchasing power.

The title of Chapter 4 is “Most People I Know Aren’t Preparing. Why Should I?” The sad truth is that most people are locked into a short term view of their finances and seldom see the big picture – which is that exponentially increasing government debt and “money printing” by the Federal Reserve guarantee further inflation and loss of your purchasing power. The people who both see the problems in our economy and are intelligently preparing are rare.

Consequently, most people will suffer a loss of their purchasing power as prices rise far more rapidly than wages. Chapter 4 of my eBook, “Survival Investing with Gold and Silver” addresses the issue of preparing, reasons why most people do not prepare, hyperinflation, the Dow to Gold ratio and other topics.

Take charge of your financial life and do some intelligent financial prepping.

Read Chapter 4, Most People I Know Aren’t Preparing. Why Should I?

GE Christenson
aka Deviant Investor


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