He Ran Into My Knife Ten Times

This article was written for Miles Franklin by Gary Christenson.

The song “Cell Block Tango” from the Oscar winning movie “Chicago” included the line, “He Ran Into My Knife Ten Times.”

Those seven words suggest anger, bleeding and murder…

The American people have “run into a financial knife” many times in the last century. (Solutions listed at the end.)

  1. In 1913 congress approved The Federal Reserve, the U.S. central bank which created dollar devaluation, massive unpayable debts, transfers of wealth to the financial cartel and more. This knife cut deep and caused huge economic blood loss.

2. The Income Tax (1913). Massive blood loss occurred from this knife blow. No discussion needed.

3. The 1929 stock market crash. “Good times” do not last forever. The economic boom of the 1920s suffered a death blow in 1929. Will 2018 be the new 1929?

4. President Roosevelt (1933) confiscated gold and made private gold ownership illegal. Exceptions occurred, but citizens lost most or all gold coins. Double eagles ($20 gold coins) no longer circulated. Silver dollars and paper certificates remained in circulation.

5. President Johnson demonetized silver in 1965. Real silver coins disappeared from circulation. “Bad money drives out good money.”

6. President Nixon (1971) closed the “gold window” and severed the last connection between gold and the U.S. dollar. He refused to redeem (per Bretton Woods) dollars presented by foreign nations for gold bullion. The dollar rapidly devalued, consumer price inflation soared, and gold prices rose from $42 to over $800 in nine years. The piper must be paid, one way or another.

7. Federal Reserve Notes circulated in place of money. The notes are IOU’s from the Fed – DEBTS OF THE CENTRAL BANK. Currency devolved from gold and silver coins, to only silver coins, to paper silver certificates, to paper and digital debt notes issued by the Fed. The knife struck again and the bleeding continued.

8. September 11, 2001 attack in New York by… the official story is problematic… but the consequences are clear. The “warfare state” rose to prominence while the “welfare” people demanded their “fair share.” The bleeding continues and the recent passage of the $1.3 trillion supplemental spending bill by congress and President Trump shows warfare and welfare spending triumphed over good-sense, responsible actions, and intelligent fiscal management. Another knife wound and more bleeding…

Official National debt on September 11, 2001: $5.7 trillion

Official National debt on March 26, 2018: $21.1 trillion

9. Financial Crisis and Crash of 2008. The FASB ruling allowed banks to “mark to myth,” TARP bailout of banks, real estate foreclosures, Federal Reserve purchase of Mortgage Backed Securities from commercial banks and Quantitative Easing. More wounds and continued bleeding…

10. The crash of 2018-2020 is in progress. How and when is less certain, but rising interest rates on tens of $trillions in public and private debt, another real estate collapse, trade wars, retail sales decline, shooting wars, bankruptcies, and deflation of prices for stocks and bonds guarantee more bleeding.



Stop the bleeding! Use honest money, eliminate central banks and balance budgets. This is not a viable option!

Recognize that debt based assets are over-valued. What is the value of a 10 Year Note issued by a government that can repay the loan ONLY by devaluing and borrowing more? What is the value of currency units “printed” with almost no limit? Ask the people of Venezuela to describe the value of paper currency units printed in excess.

Recognize that stock market prices rise and fall in long cycles. They are high now and the next large move appears downward. Buy low occurred in 2009 and 2010. Sell high is now relevant.

Gold and silver are valuable and necessary even though they are no longer used as currency units. Markets established their value over several millennia. The financial and political elite in Russia and Asia know the value of gold. Wise investors in the western world appreciate the importance of gold.

  • If gold were unimportant, the paper markets (COMEX and LBMA) would not “manage” prices.
  • If gold were unimportant, central banks would sell their bullion for debt-based currency units.
  • If gold were unimportant, the Treasury would allow an audit of Fort Knox gold and publish the results, even if embarrassing.

Be your own central banker. Back your savings and retirement with gold and silver coins and bullion. Store them safely outside the banking system.

The powers-that-be promote financial bleeding (excluding them) and more debt. Politicians spend more than revenues received, thereby devaluing currency units. Central bankers accelerate the creation of debt and devaluation of currency units.

Gold will retain its purchasing power as the warfare and welfare big-spenders accelerate the bleeding. Silver’s purchasing power will increase for many years. Silver investments may heal a few financial knife wounds and minimize blood loss.

Miles Franklin, WhyNotGold and GoldCore sell and store silver and gold. Thousands of happy clients have protected their savings and retirement from financial knife wounds and uncontrolled economic bleeding. I suggest you join them.

Gary Christenson

4 thoughts on “He Ran Into My Knife Ten Times

  1. You forgot the most important issue in your article. This is all from Jewish pressure and interests to control nations of the world with fake money from central banks.

    • It’s so telling that the controlling role of Anglicans and Episcopalians has flown under the radar. Jacob Schiff via his linkage to Paul Warburg had input into the Federal Reserve Act (the sole Jew at the Jekyll Island meeting). Now guess what? Jacob Schiff’s grandson, David T. Schiff, reports himself as Episcopalian (“Who’s Who in the East” 2014, page 1247). David was also a director (1971-1992) of Crown Life Insurance of Canada, with more than symbolic linkage to the Royals. David also descends from George F. Baker (1840-1931) who was wildly wealthier than Jacob Schiff and the Warburgs and Baker was the top anti-silver NYC banker and on over 50 railroad boards. Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger, who ditched 24,435,000 ounces for silver price management, was treasurer of the Episcopal Diocese of California—he converted to the American branch of the Church of England (page 3414, “Who’s Who in America,” 1978-1979). The great Guggenheim polymetallic mining dynasty, also the Oppenheimers (diamonds) —both became Episcopalian/Anglican, headed by history’s wealthiest family, the British Royals. If anything, Jews are front men for these Anglican elements and Jews take the rap for being the source of the world’s ills. For proof on the religious conversion of the Guggenheims and Oppenheimers, to gain favor with the bankers superiors, the Royals, see http://www.silvermarketnewsonline.com/articles/AnotherGiantMiningFortune_Savoie100617.pdf and
      http://www.silvermarketnewsonline.com/articles/VastMiningFortuneRepresented_Savoie082517.pdf Now approaching 100, Prince Philip still controls 780 organizations through committees who report to him, and he is ANGLICAN Church of England! Every name I mentioned were/are members of The Pilgrims Society, sponsored by ANGLICANS—the Royal family. There is no “secret Jewish control” nor “secret Jesuit control” over the Royals, and Catholic power has been distant second since the Armada fell to Britain in AD 1588, in the early years of the Church of England. Israel is the unruly stepchild of the UK/USA. James B. Haggin (1827-1914) who was “The greatest mine owner on Earth” was Episcopalian and in five of five rounds contesting in the world copper market, Haggin tap danced all over the Rothschilds, forcing them to pay his demanded price for Anaconda Copper shares, raising the price each time they broke off negotiations, making them eat CROW and collecting a humiliating judgment against the Rothschilds (“French Copper Trust”) in a Paris court. Afterwards, Haggin STILL retained enough shares for dominance! Yes, PROOF, see 287 pages of it here— http://www.silvermarketnewsonline.com/articles/MiningKingpinOpposedSilverMoney_Savoie042017.pdf
      Haggin played a major role in the Crime of 1873 bankrupting millions and also in the Panic of 1907 leading to the Federal Reserve Act. Already stratosphericially wealthy through gold mines, including the largest, the Black Hills Homestake Mine, Haggin’s wealth bounded forward insanely due to the electricalization mania of the 1890s and his dominance in the two biggest copper mines in the Western hemisphere, the Anaconda and Cerro De Pasco in Peru. He owned three times as many racehorses as anyone in the world. This rhetoric about “Jews control all the wealth” is ignorant and perversely twisted. At most they are in second place and maybe third after the Vatican. For centuries they were banned from owning land in Europe which is why they shifted into diamonds, which processing has been progressively encroached on by Indians (a Commonwealth country!) The Rothschilds, like the Grosvenors and Rockefellers, are an inner circle dynasty around the Royals. England ended up the most important European country due to being the only one protected from direct land invasion. http://www.silverstealers.net and http://www.nosilvernationalization.org 100% free access.

  2. The “debt limit” is a classic, all too prevalent, example of the hypocrisy of the congress. Apparently, no truly conservative columnist, with a respectable following, has ever taken the time to attempt to mock our supposedly august, wise assembly of self worshipping buffoons that pretends to be our group of self appointed saviors of “the people”. With examples like this of their “work” and “leadership”, it should long ago dawned on any half educated, thinking citizen, that a “debt limit”, which is almost automatically raised, each time it is reached, is a farce, and a lie. Of course, we get the “leaders” we elect that we deserve. The education of the people was long ago destroyed by this very body, when the federal government decided they should put in place a department of education devoted to issue of new rules each year, of what can and can’t be taught in the public schools, which has resulted in only one in a million understanding that the “Dollar” no longer exists. So the people believe that a piece of paper, with very fancy printing, is a dollar; something which is nothing more or less than an I. O. U. from the Federal Reserve, which is never going to be repaid, because it is impossible to pay back something which no longer exists.

  3. The majority of the American public is clueless. To busy worrying about others, or texting stupid stuff.
    In fact, the govt. is becoming a joke. Hire people , fire people, gossip, back-stabbing. There should be a revolving door at the White House.

    I’m afraid you are preaching to the choir. An exercise in futility. Most won’t hear or listen. The one’s that might don’t fully understand, so they go back to the things they know best.(Read above).

    Myself. I’m fully prepared. I have the 4 metals I need. Gold,Silver,Lead,Steel.

    May god help us all.

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