Fort Knox Gold?

Gary Christenson wrote this article for Miles Franklin.

Corruption in government is universal, now and throughout history. Like living with gravity, we realize it exists and carry on because we must.

Fort Knox gold questions are like corruption and gravity. There are issues but we move on. Consider:

  1. There are 147 million ounces of gold supposedly stored in the Fort Knox Bullion Depository.
  2. It has not been audited since the 1950s and has never been independently audited.
  3. Whether the gold remains in the vaults or disappeared long ago has no obvious impact upon our daily lives.
  4. The Treasury Department has little to gain by agreeing to audit Fort Knox gold. If the gold is gone, they do not want that information presented to the public. If the gold still exists why bother to audit it?
  5. If the gold exists, is it encumbered, leased, swapped or “salted” with tungsten?
  6. It seems likely that few individuals know the truth, and most people do not care.





  • Official national debt exceeds $21 trillion. That debt is a monumental problem compared to whether $200 billion in gold has disappeared or remains stored in government vaults.
  • The U.S. has about $20 trillion in GDP. $200 billion in gold is only one percent of the U.S. economy.
  • Interest paid each year on the official national debt has expanded to over $500 billion—about half a trillion dollars. Rates are rising and the official debt doubles every 8 – 9 years. The annual interest expense will grow to one trillion dollars and more. Fort Knox gold value at $200 billion is small by comparison.


U.S. government expenses increase 5 – 6% per year. Examine this log-scale chart of expenses per the St. Louis Federal Reserve.

The U.S. government spends over $4 trillion per year, and over $500 billion for interest. Source is St. Louis Federal Reserve.

Consider the annual interest expense when measured in real money—ounces of gold, not Federal Reserve Notes.

Yes, U.S. government interest expense cost about 400 million ounces of gold in 2017. The average annual interest expense measured in gold for the last 50 years has been 633 million ounces of gold.

In round numbers the cost of “defense” for wars, military hardware, armed forces and bases around the world has been several times the interest expense for the past 50 years.

Fort Knox officially contains 147 million ounces of gold—call it one Fort Knox Gold Unit (FKGU). Pretend the gold remains in Fort Knox and then calculate interest expenses measured in FKGUs.

The U.S. government has spent one to nine FKGU on interest during each of the last 50 years. The total since 1968 has been 214 FKGU.

Repeat: The U.S. government has spent on interest the equivalent of over 200 times the gold stored in Fort Knox.


National debt exceeds $21 trillion, so debt is about 100 FKGU. The U.S. has probably spent over 400 FKGU on “defense” in 50 years.

The value of Fort Knox gold is miniscule compared to expenditures for interest and “defense.”


  • Should gold prices be higher by more than a factor of ten because the value of Fort Knox gold is tiny compared to interest expenditures and debt?
  • Should the government sell the remaining gold and close the Fort Knox Bullion Depository because the value of the gold in Fort Knox is tiny compared to government expenses and official national debt?
  • If the gold is gone why pay to maintain the illusion and the facility?
  • If gold is so irrelevant that the U.S. has allowed total debt and annual expenditures to eclipse the value of its gold, why have China and Russia accumulated so much gold? Russia announces their holdings—not quite 2,000 tons or about 60 million ounces. China is not transparent, but Bullion Star has calculated China (and her citizens) has over 20,000 tons or over 600 million ounces. (More than four times what is officially in Fort Knox)
  • Why do China and Russia value gold, and why do they believe it is important when the U.S. does not? Based on U.S. total debt and interest expenditures priced in FKGU, the U.S. government values debt based digital dollars far more than gold. How long will this delusion be viable?
  • Would you prefer millions of ounces of gold or trillions of dollars in (dodgy) debt in ten years?


  • Fort Knox Bullion Depository may contain 147 million ounces of unencumbered gold bullion. Many doubt that claim.
  • China and her citizens may have stockpiled over 600 million ounces of gold bullion. Many believe the calculation.
  • Compared to total debt of the U.S. and annual expenditures for interest, the value of Fort Knox gold is minimal at current prices.
  • U.S. debt is ever-increasing. Interest rates are rising, so total interest expenditures will rise. Since the U.S. must borrow more dollars to roll-over debt, expect further currency devaluation.
  • Gold prices will increase along with total debt and interest expenditures. Consumer prices will rise.

Take a hint from the Chinese and Russians. Gold should be a substantial portion of net worth to protect from inevitable dollar devaluations that started in 1913 and will continue for the foreseeable future.

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Gary Christenson

4 thoughts on “Fort Knox Gold?

  1. The old joke is that the president goes to Fort Knox to see for himself the gold. After getting past all the soldiers and security he discovers the long hidden truth that the gold has been plundered by previous leaders. Quick he says: “double the guard!”

  2. The FIAT Money System is a mere PowerMatrix. The money it generate is, merely. a mean to submit interest payments to the extorted, dominated citizen.
    Nobody does conclude, why Gold has no relation in this question of Power Maintenance. It is the living proof and reality, that we live in a complete Dictatory. ALL markets are completely dominated/manipulated, also, the physical metal one! All the “Players” do accept this fact. Gold will be be kept/manipulated as a mere Commodity, in case the PowerMatrix does not collapse. China and Russia will be caught on “the wrong foot”! Who about that? QE is the enemy of AU/AG. Wrong! The PowerMatrix is the enemy!
    No other “God” is accepted besides us. We live in a monocultural Domination
    Bad news for the Domination. Their PonziScemeSystem is ending, an exponential growths problem. The, today, Crisis is, only, the one of the Domination, the one of the Lenders. That´s why they fear sooo much the solidarity of the awakening Citizens, the manipulated mass idiots. Either by the fake Democracy, Socialism, Communism or either most religions.

  3. Public desire seems to be the determining factor in pricing anything…
    we’ve covered the spectrum in pseudo valuation , beginning with
    beanie babies , Bitcoin, and finally TIDE pods.
    The Gold Guys ( a secretly funded FED org) dealt a devastating
    blow to the PM industry…

    I attempted to compensate someone with
    silver the other day, and was treated like a thief ! not only do people
    think it’s a bad investment, they think it has a negative value !
    see the Mark Dice video , where he tries to sell a 100 oz AG brick
    for $25 in front of a coin shop, and gets NO takers !

    It’s not the metals being manipulated, it’s the shrinking BB brains
    of the public, and the Macro money seeking last chance bubble
    equity profits in the CRIMINAL US stock market.

    One by one , the bubble options for TPTB are deflating, leaving
    only the “WAR BUBBLE” as an option… the “RUMP” puppet
    is doing his level best to please the ” Boyz from Mt. Sinai ”
    in repeated attempts to deliver that war bubble…
    “The military industrial Congressional Complex”, is scavenging
    what they can by forcing allies to buy the F35 Sopwith Camel ,
    and building useless obsolete carriers, that Bob Moriarty says,
    should have targets painted on their sides and decks.
    Waiting for the 70 IQ American people to awaken from their
    comas is a losing proposition… an expectation of a direct return
    to freedom is a mechanical impossibility… we began as a free
    republic (the USA) in 1776, and became a ( US) democracy
    when we merged with great Britain in 1787…. we were put
    under Rothschild bank control in 1791, & BAR law in 1794
    by traitors George Washington and Alexander Hamiliton…
    Washington by the way, was a wealthy lands owner, who
    swindled much of his holding through acquisition of land
    patents grated to his soldiers for service in the revolutionary
    war….(and) , there were 14 colonies, not 13 ! “Franklin”
    was stolen by General Washington at gunpoint, and given to
    Tennessee in exchange for a vote to ratify the (illegally)
    ratified “US Constitution”.
    America was in debt chains from 1791 to 1832 (which by the way)
    included Rothschild debtor prisons… today we call them
    “prison factories”…

    In 1863, with the issue of “The Chase dollar),
    we began the slow conversion from democracy to fascism,
    which leaped forward when silver was demonetized in 1873,
    when DC became in independent nation state in 1871, when
    the 1897 Zionist congress met in Basel Switzerland to plan our (3)
    world wars, when the FED was created in 1913, when the
    sheeple were declared “enemies of the state” by FDR, using
    a perverted interpretation of that 1917 law, when Truman
    sold us out to the UN in 1945, when UCC indoctrinated the
    US corporation into (UCC) the NWO in 1952, and when the FED
    Siezed Fort Knox gold as collateral for all of the debt they
    printed for us , almost all of it war debt, including unpaid
    “civil war debt” that’s snowballed into that $22 trillion .

    So to recap –

    from free republic,
    to democracy,
    to fascim,
    to communism


    to “TIDE parties” ,
    to $100 shredded hobo jeans,
    to pulling condoms through your nose,
    to a nation 75% drug addicted, both legal or otherwise,


    Factor in 150 million people who will never work again,
    76 million baby boomers
    40 million over 65
    millions disabled ( both real and imagined)
    career welfare professionals ( civil servants not included)
    and 1/3 supporting the other 2/3,

    Don’t worry, be happy : )

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