Exponential Gold Rally! What it Means and Will it Continue?

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(April 2012)

The price of gold is much higher (about $1,600 as of April 2012) now than it was in 2001 (about $260). All markets are volatile, and gold certainly has posted highs and lows. But, the big picture shows that gold has, on average, been remarkably steady in its upward climb. Please note the exponential rally in gold as shown in the chart below.

This graph runs from 2000 through 2012. The green band shows that, with few exceptions, all prices were found within a relatively small price difference, larger or smaller, from the dark green line running through the center of the green band. Please note that the scale of gold prices on the right is logarithmic – the distance from $200 to $400 is the same as from $400 to $800.

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The chart shows that for over a decade, gold has increased exponentially, doubling approximately every four to five years, with occasional spikes and dips. Given our current economic policies, I see many reasons why this trend will continue.

GE Christenson
aka Deviant Investor

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