Non-Predictions for 2013 & 2014

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(January 2013)

Non-Prections for 2013 and 2014

More of the Same

  • More money printing by central banks. A trillion here and a trillion there, printed money everywhere.
  • More deficit spending. $3 Billion per day, but who cares?
  • More useless commentary about controlling spending, but the result will be increased spending and more useless commentary.
  • More and higher taxes. More consumer price inflation.
  • More QE. Printing money props up the stock market, but for how long?
  • More debt. More student loans, more credit card debt, more mortgages, more sovereign debt, and eventually some nasty defaults.

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Less of the Same

  • Less Congressional credibility – low and going lower.
  • Less belief in a better future. It is difficult to believe in a brighter future when the food stamps and welfare payments just don’t buy what they used to.
  • Less employment. People continue to drop out of the employment statistics because they have given up hope of finding work. This is called “structural unemployment.”
  • Less purchasing power for the dollar. The more the central banks print, the higher the cost of food, fuel, beer, and wine.
  • Lower standard of living. With much higher costs, the standard of living for most Americans will continue to decline.

About the Same

  • The media will continue to assure us that gold is in a bubble – a decade of nonsense – wrong then and wrong now.
  • The media will assure us that silver prices are volatile. That and $2.11 will buy a grande coffee.
  • Inflation and unemployment will continue to be under-reported, even in non-election years.
  • Congressional accomplishments will continue to be over-reported.
  • SNAFU: System Non-functional, All Funding Unlimited.
  • TBTF banks will remain Too Big To Fail.
  • European financial troubles will continue. Ditto for Japan, the UK, and the US.
  • The Federal Reserve will bail out banks and fund much of the government deficit. They will claim this benefits both employment and the economy. That benefit plus $2.11 will buy a grande coffee.

Non-Predictions for 2013 and 2014

A train wreck is in process. We have been warned. Protect your finances, investments, and retirement. The official numbers may not represent reality.

GE Christenson
aka Deviant Investor

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6 thoughts on “Non-Predictions for 2013 & 2014

    • I find Dent’s demographic analysis sensible and interesting. But regarding the stock market, the Fed has a remarkable record of keeping bubbles alive, reinflating bubbles, and of inflating new ones. All the money printing might help keep the stock market inflated and that would minimize the demographic downtrend.

      GE Christenson
      aka Deviant Investor

      • The US Federal Reserve System is THE greatest bubble creation engine that the world has ever seen. I marvel at the fact that they do not recognize the difference between the air whistling out of one of their own bubbles and true deflation. Deflation is caused by the banks withdrawing money from the economy, as they did to create the panic of 1907, again in 1929, and several times prior to that. This is how the banksters milk the assets out of the American public, something that they have done multiple times, raking in billions and billions of dollars that they have not earned.

        Likewise, inflation is also a bankster creation. It allows the US central bank to attach interest to all of the money that the Fed creates, so the economy MUST grow enough to pay that interest just to stay even, and also to create more money than the economy needs for the efficient transfer of goods and services. Recently, it has not done so and the awful economy that we now have is the direct result. Inflation also melts away and eventually destroys the buying power of ALL fiat currencies as well as any savings that we might have accumulated. This too is part of THE plan.

        Gold and silver, on the other hand, almost never inflate because for them to do that a huge find of rich gold or silver ore would be needed… such as the Comstock Lode in the late 1850s-1890s or the California gold rush of 1849. Gold and silver maintain their purchasing power, so holding them means that we are not whipsawed by the bankster application of first inflation and then deflation. In fact, holding a significant part of our wealth in gold and silver is a great way not to play these rip-off bankster games. Holding them outside the sticky-fingered banking system is also a great thing for us and a bad thing for them.

  1. Fitch and Moody’s join SnP and Egan-Jones on US downgrade to AA+ after coming debt ceiling raise, ending bull market in bonds, coupling dollar/equities/bonds DIRECTLY [instead of inversely]……….. forcing paradigm shift, G.E.?

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