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Gary Christenson - Deviant Investor

I will be speaking at the Liberty Mastermind Symposium in Las Vegas on February 22, 2014 in Las Vegas. This article will post after the symposium.

My topic is: An Equilibrium Gold Price Model.

Why bother to create a model?

  • It will project the price of gold – higher or lower – for the next several years. Will gold go down like from 1980 – 2001, or up, similar to 2009 – 2011.
  • It will help evaluate the credibility of price projections from other analysts.
  • It will minimize the “hope and despair” in such projections – both up and down – in the price of gold.
  • It will increase confidence in your investment decisions regarding gold.

Stay tuned (as they say) for more information in March.

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GE Christenson
aka Deviant Investor

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