The Capital Destruction of the American People

From Roxanne Lewis of whynotgold

“Government is best, that governs least.”- Thomas Jefferson

My father, a WWII veteran, has been gone 20 years yet his words ring truer as years pass.   He said,   ”I learned surviving the depression that government should stay out of people’s business and only do for the people what the people are unable to do for themselves!” I made the mistake of telling him what I had been taught when I told him that, ”The depression was caused by the breakdown of unstable capitalism.”   

Generations of Americans, as school children and those now in leadership, were taught that the Great Depression was caused by the problems of capitalism and the solution for future economic downturns is government intervention to save capitalism from itself.  Tax increases, more debt, inflation, wage and price supports, gigantic government spending programs and pervasive regulation of businesses were the only correct ways to ”tame capitalism”!

Guess what?  We all were taught a huge and giant lie, a myth!  That same poor, public indoctrination center, The Department of the Uneducated, is complicit as our leaders make the same mistakes made in 1930.  Economic crises are ALWAYS caused by misguided government banking and debt policies.  Another crisis is most assuredly on our way!

Before the days of big government, political leaders understood the first lesson of economics, OPPORTUNITY COST.  The opportunity cost of government spending is the value placed on whatever the same funds would have been had they been placed in savings or remained in private hands.  Remember that government cannot spend or grow programs unless it taxes, borrows, or prints money!  In every case, money and resources are diverted from the private sector, the capitalistic economy, to the government.

During any economic downturn what is actually needed is more capitalism, the sole engine of wealth creation and job creation.  Today we have one gigantic, bloated government filled with cronyism and nepotism.  Until we can cut off the wasteful growth in our government to free up resources for the private sector, we will continue on the road to destruction. 

As the gap between the 1% and those in America and the world grows, our world society will become more and more unstable.  The greed of the few and the government’s narrow definition of capitalism will erode and threaten the foundations of all world societies.  The national news channel Russia Today shows protests and street clashes between those protesting austerity measures and the police force.  Yet, citizens in the U.S. hear nothing on our nightly news about such riots that are as close as Montreal.  We can expect riots and revolutions in our future, followed by wars and finally higher taxes to pay for it all.   The U.S. has been at war for 222 years over the past 239 years that U.S. has existed, only 17 years of peace.    

Capitalism and free markets drive growth yet we no longer have a system that supports private business development and job creation.  It is time to reverse the liberal lefts ”narrow definition of capitalism” and their plans for socialization OR our once great society will continue to falter and finally fail.    

Corporate revenues now are at their highest point in 40 years as all competition from the private sector has been destroyed.  There are more business failures than business starts.   As corporate profit margins are continually required to increase and grow, so has income inequality for all mankind.   This inequality is the most common cause of poor health, obesity, lowered life expectancy, illiteracy and a lack of math/science proficiency, a rise in infant mortality, teenage births, and lack of social mobility, increased homicides, imprisonment and finally trust among us.  

One needs to understand why the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world.  The GEO Group owns Corrections Corporation of America and lobbies our federal government to keep their private prisons filled.   Profits are used to expand prisons and pressure lawmakers to incarcerate more and more people yearly to keep corporate profits growing.  Since the passing of the Anti Drug Abuse Act in 1986 prison populations have skyrocketed by 665% and the new Prison Industrial Complex was created in just 25 years.  

The recent passing of the Net Neutrality bill will insure that more businesses fail who rely on the internet as they are forced out of business, unable to compete and insures that corporate competition is eliminated.  Corporate profits are once again maximized under government controls implemented through their lobbyists and their perfectly planned names designed to fool an illiterate populace of the true evil plans they’ve made.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) and Common Core, are two of the most recent laws enacted upon an illiterate populace that sound good for all, however upon implementation, we discover that the real effects erode what we once enjoyed and the middle class is increasingly financially damaged along with our long term health and insures that our children are dumbed down and increasingly dependent on government.    

Today we see the effects of government’s low-interest-rate environment which has stolen from the elderly and the saver and misdirected all the creativity and ingenuity that used to go into technology development.  No longer are products created through innovations of useful and desirable concerns but rather money is now directed towards financial speculation and sometimes even to purposes that are a continuous losing proposition like fracking.   Whereas new products used to enrich society, today the profits from financial speculation only enrich the 1%, the speculators, who use interest free digital dollars to grow their piles of wealth.  

Iceland was correct to allow their biggest banks to fail while American was again tricked.  The FED’s lowering of interest rates only further increases pressure on wages and encourages more speculation in the markets, not the creation of real businesses with jobs for Main Street.

Even the Colorado Lottery Scratch Game campaign, The Walking Dead understands the inevitable by encouraging ticket sales stating,  ”Win $$ while money still matters!”  Today the average man should buy gold and silver, while money still matters!


Thanks to Roxanne Lewis


4 thoughts on “The Capital Destruction of the American People

  1. Roxanne: Your dad was absolutely correct. Unfortunately we have these elected professional politicians everywhere who are ass holes elected to foster divisiveness and to promise people in general that they will care for everybody but failing to be truthful in that they are mortgaging the future generations into bankruptcy just to get re-elected instead of being honest and deal with the hard choices. You can now trust a car salesman more than you can honestly trust a politician, that says something!!! Remember Obama: Change you can trust in or Washington will be the most transparent after I’m elected to office. He can’t even speak to the legislative body that enacts law without pandering or deliberately withholding information that truly speaks to his honesty while he is heading the Imperial Palace. The next election should be interesting.Both sides I predict will fail to have the guts to do what is right by the people and for the people. It’ll take a forced serious depression to correct this corruption unfortunately. Greetings for this spiritual time.

  2. Congrats Roxanne… I believe you covered just about every GOP talking point. blaming government (i.e. Obama the Dark Prince) for his socialist agenda!

    And yet to (rightfully) explain how the corporations have gutted the middle class, destroyed all private competition, and made out like bandits.

    FDR policies were to reign in the corporate greed, aimed at the banks primarily, and to enact remedies for the damage done (your “socialism” meme) by both.

    So, you seem to want to have your proverbial cake and eat it too!

    The GOP is fully funded and in the tank for the 1% (oligarchs, corporatists, and the banking cabal that actually runs the world. The Dems are but marginally better… at least they dare actually talk about the greed and fraud, but stop there to retain some of the crumbs to fund campaigns.

    The GOP blame government (and every last effort to ease the pain of the victims of the 1% actions) for all ills… when it is their corporate masters that are actually the problem.

    And they are happy to spend a few $billion over the next year and a half to keep you convinced that every dollar spent to support their victims is a crime against humanity.

    Truth is, the only problem with every policy they demonize is “they don’t get their slice”… go ahead, name one government policy you would end that doesn’t shut the 1% out (no profit for them)… just one!

    Education (privatize it all for profit); Crime (privatized prisons for profit); IRS (who stands to gain the most?); Obamacare (providing healthcare benefits to their slaves reduces profit); Military (perpetual wars fought by the children of the poor to keep the cash flowing to corporations… and the rather stealth move to use corporate contractors to replace the active military);

    Funny how it’s never a bad idea for governments to spend when it’s corporations getting the cash… only when it goes back to the people they do everything in their considerable power to fleece, demonize, and marginalize!

    And even funnier when 40% of the victims buy it lock, stock, and gun barrel!

    Right Roxie!

    • U haven’t read me over the long haul! Let me state emphatically, neither party follows the constitution both are complicite in the gutting of America! The Federalist papers gutted our constitution! The system does not allow us to vote for the best candidate! the best are eliminated by the 1% because they cannot be controlled or they deem them radical (R.R.R.) We are only given a choice of candidates that are owned and controlled by the Council of Foreign Relations! You judge lest you know not, I was
      a Democrat, respected FDR and then I started to read about the interventionists of Hoover and FDR! My point being Government CANNOT fix the economy only ruin it! If you really study our history u will discover that our science and technology has grown abundantly while politics has been stunted in growth!

  3. Mr Christenson, This article was one of the finest ever submitted for our perusal, since I have been acquainted with the Deviant Investor. It is clear,concise and to the point, we should live so long, as to see this from the den of thieves in Washington. (I am not holding my breath) Ms Roxanne Lewis is a Patriot in my eyes and I shall endeavor to find more of her wisdom online. I have learned much more from you and your cohorts than I did in college.In fact, I stated an objective of acquiring 1200 ounces of silver in 2015 on a previous post on this site. Under the tutelage I have received here and gleaned from others such as Steve St Angelo, I have acquired 1000 ounces in the first quarter of this year. God Bless you guys and God Bless America. Continuing to Stack, Dave

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