Gold, Golf, & Silver … are Similar

GOLD:  The precious metal that is globally recognized as real money, a store of value, beautiful, and as lasting savings.

GOLF:  The compelling game that is played globally, inspires millions, and encourages physical activity on beautiful and challenging courses.

SILVER:  The precious metal that has thousands of industrial uses, is beautiful, and is recognized globally as money and as a store of value.




ENDURING:  A gold coin will endure for thousands of years, will not rust or decay, and will retain its value.  Golf is challenging, universal, and enduring.

TROUBLE HAPPENS:  High-Frequency-Traders regularly smash the price of paper gold, governments confiscate gold, and laws can declare gold illegal, but gold persists and will outlast the HFTers and governments.  Golf balls fly into lakes, drop behind trees, roll into drainage ditches, bounce out-of-bounds, and often disappear.  But golfers persist, take penalties, hit out of trouble, and come back for more.

INSURANCE:  We buy gold for insurance against:

  • Financial crashes
  • Economic uncertainty
  • Devaluing paper money
  • Hyperinflationary policies created by governments and central banks
  • Confiscations of digital money
  • Keynesian economic nonsense
  • Political craziness and instability
  • Loss of purchasing power
  • Loss of savings.

We play golf to insure that we retain our physical and mental health, escape the stress of the financial and political world, and return to the serenity and beauty of nature.


GOOD DAYS AND BAD DAYS:  Gold prices move up and down, and golfers have good days and bad days.  Governments and central banks will do what they do, but gold and golf will be valuable, interesting, and challenging in the year 2115, just as both are today, and were one hundred years ago.

DIRECTION:  Gold prices move up and down, but given our financial systems, gold prices will move considerably more up than down.  Example:  a $20 gold coin sells for substantially more than $1,100 today.  Golf balls travel left and right, up and down, but ideally they fly forward, like gold prices rise during periods of “money printing” and financial instability.

DEPENDABILITY:  We can depend upon global governments to borrow and spend in excess, and central bankers to “print money,” monetize debt, and devalue their currencies.  In short, we can depend upon governments and central bankers to push the price of gold much higher.  We can depend upon golf to reward, inspire and humble us, and to immediately demonstrate our strengths, weaknesses and mistakes.

TIMING:  Timing your purchases of gold and your sales (if you must sell) is critically important.  Timing is essential in an effective golf swing.

TRUST:  Trust your government and central bankers to drive the value of currencies downward and the prices for gold upward.  Trust the enduring quality, appeal, and beauty of gold.  Trust your golf swing, trust your skills, and trust the course.  Your golf ball will eventually drop into the hole, the gold, excuse me, the goal.

As I write this, gold prices on the COMEX have sold off $10 and some “gold bugs” are worried and scared.  This is normal.  Trust central banks and governments to force gold prices far higher.  Also, thousands of (right handed) golfers are currently slicing right on dog-leg left fairways.  Golfers will find their balls, recover, and play again tomorrow.  Gold prices will rally “tomorrow,” the sun will rise, governments will spend too much, and golfers will strive for the perfect swing.

WHAT ABOUT SILVER?  Everything important about gold is also true for silver.  Expect silver prices to move substantially higher, trust that industrial uses will expand, trust demand for newly mined silver will increase, trust silver coins will rise in price as currencies devalue, and trust global citizens to understand and appreciate the beauty and value of silver coins.

Trust that silver prices will be driven, like professional golfers drive a golf ball, much farther and faster than most of us appreciate.  Trust that after four plus years of declining prices, silver will eventually reach the target zone of higher prices and recognized value in the next phase of the magnificent games of golf, gold, and silver.


Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor




10 thoughts on “Gold, Golf, & Silver … are Similar

  1. Gary good show, I ride horses , much better than golf. I’m not into Gold-Silver anymore.
    The last time I purchased Metals and mining stocks was when Gold was under 300 and
    Silver was $ 4.00 . I’m the guy who believes every member of a family should have 5 bags of
    junk silver and at least 10-15 kugs or some form of gold, for large purchases.
    And load up on mining stocks and of course a great deal of cash on hand, money talks and bull #^**# walks , no one knows when the money [ $$$ ] will fail or be changed.
    Thanks Gary:: silvercup.

  2. Last year, 78 countries defaulted on their debts – The Times ……countries-defaulted-on-their-debts/…/4790…

    Jul 2, 2015 – Last year, 78 countries defaulted on their debts, taking down about $129 billion worth of loans. In fact, in the past decade about 80 to 90 …

  3. I enjoy reading your articles, generally well written and informative.

    But let’s get real for a moment.

    A strategy of buying low and selling high would have resulted in a speculator having about 30% more gold today than 3 years ago.

    Gold is not money. It never will be again. Get over it.

    Treat gold as you would any speculative bet, and you will be golfing free tomorrow!

  4. Fools would have us believe that gold and silver are merely pet rocks or a rock collection. If the fools want the goods they will have to pay the man or go with out.

  5. You are right Gary – my gold & silver bars will never tarnish – they are bright beautiful, indestructable & I will treasure them as money knowing full well by the end of 2016 they will explode in value. Golf balls crack & deteriorate – so do expensive golf clubs. The golfer swing weakens with age – the wind changes – luck is often required. Gold & Silver don’t AGE – they have endured for centuries while fiat currencies disappear. Only 4 countries in the world have not had to default – Canada, Australia, New Zealand, & 1 European Country have not had to default in the last 200 yrs. No — give me physical gold & silver instead – PLEASE!

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