Dishonest Money Will Die – I Hope

Honest money – gold and silver – are not supported by governments and central bankers for obvious reasons.  The Fed can “print” $85 Billion per month to buy dodgy paper to support the banking system, but the Fed can’t produce 75 million ounces of gold each month.  Consequently we use dishonest money.


If The-Powers-That-Be (TPTB) wanted honest money, why do they encourage dishonest money (the digital and paper stuff)?

If counterfeiting is illegal and wrong, why do TPTB encourage fractional reserve banking, which is legal counterfeiting?

If TPTB did not want inflation, why do they encourage central banks to devalue their currencies and create price inflation?

If TPTB did not want ever increasing debt, why do TPTB encourage congress (and almost all global governments) to excessively spend and borrow the shortfall?

Clearly, TPTB want dishonest money, fractional reserve banking, devalued currencies, massive and increasing debt, and price inflation.  Why?  Greed and more control – GMC – are dominant in our global economies.  Consequently gold and silver prices will continue rising, on average, as they have for over a century as currencies are devalued.


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  1. Bad money drives out good money – Gresham’s law. People hoard the good stuff and let the fake stuff circulate.  Long ago gold and silver circulated as money.
  2. And then … paper silver and gold certificates circulated and silver and gold coins were hoarded.
  3. And then … Federal Reserve Notes (debt) circulated and silver certificates, silver dollars, gold certificates, and gold disappeared.
  4. And now … digital dollars circulate in cyberspace and Federal Reserve Notes are used less and less.  (The War on Cash!)

WHY?  GMC!  (Greed and more control over the currency and the citizens.)

But the Inevitable Result is that Dishonest Money Will Die.

Perhaps within a few years, perhaps longer, even TPTB will not be able to maintain a basically fraudulent and dishonest monetary system.  Clearly the system is maintained for the benefit of TPTB to support their greed and control over the financial system.  But history has shown:

  1. All unbacked paper currency systems crash or drastically reset.
  2. All Ponzi systems, such as our current monetary system, crash.
  3. Debt cannot increase forever. (Lookout below!)
  4. All dishonest systems eventually crash or reset.
  5. Dishonest systems can persist longer than most believe possible, but they do NOT last forever. The crash can be sudden and devastating.

Signs of the coming reset:

Zerohedge reported that:

“Central banks around the world, including China’s, have shifted decisively into investing in equities.” [This should not be necessary.]

 “a cluster of central banking investors has become major players on world equity markets…. Confirms $29.2 trillion in market investments.”  [How real are prices when $29 Trillion of “funny money” has levitated markets?]

From Egon von Greyerz:

Unprecedented money printing by the Fed, European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, Bank of Canada, International Monetary Fund, and others is guaranteed. There are global debts of $225 trillion and derivatives of $1.5 quadrillion that can never be repaid with real money. With interest rates at zero or even negative, central banks have run out of tools to save the world economy. The only thing they have left is money printing, though they probably know that this will have no effect because you cannot create wealth with worthless pieces of paper.”  [Dishonest money becomes more desperate.]


First TPTB killed honest money in the western world – gold and silver are valuable but no longer circulate as money.  China, Russia, and India understand the value of gold, even if the Fed and other central banks do not.

Eventually GMC – greed and the desire for more control – will kill dishonest currencies such as the US dollar, the euro, the yen, and the British pound.

Debt cannot increase forever, unbacked paper currencies all die a horrible death, greed and more control will not last forever, and it seems likely that blood will be spilled as governments and central banks scramble in desperate moves to preserve their dishonest financial systems.

Paper Dies, Gold Thrives!

Paper Dies, Silver Thrives!


Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor


13 thoughts on “Dishonest Money Will Die – I Hope

  1. Just like the debt clock the banking cartel fraud keeps going exponential! They keep printing worthless currency & digital digits to keep the economy going. Unfortunately all this will not work as your article elaborates & true money (gold & silver) will rise from the suppression to heights unknown!! I purchased your new book and look forward to reading it very soon. I’m also an author & you can check out my book from my website attached. Thanks for all your articles…I always print them out and read them at night with a glass of wine.

  2. Gold and silver is God created and provided by God as a medium of money to ensure fraudulent monetary systems that are introduced eventually collapse. Read the prophetic scriptures about gold and silver in the bible which indicate that gold and silver will become extremely valuable in our age

  3. 1. Yeah, and horses will return as the main means of transport any day now.

    2. Hope is not an investment strategy.

    3. The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.

    4. ALL gold standards have disappeared in the dust of history. At least the current paper money scheme is still existing. Clearly, nothing lasts forever, but for now the score is in favor of paper money (it exists, gold standards do not).

    5. The current monetary system is not a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes require the constant influx of new investors, because existing investors cannot create money. But the Fed CAN create money. Paper money systems do not collapse because there isn’t enough new money (like Ponzi schemes do) – they collapse because people lose faith in them.

    • “The current monetary system is not a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes require the constant influx of new investors”

      (who is this guy?) yes it is. it’s a fiat DEBT pyramid scheme. it requires the constant influx of new debtors. if those debtors do not volunteer of their own accord then the government will volunteer them for them with deficit spending. if the influx of debtors ceases, the current monetary system will collapse taking with it everything connected to it. this will result in mass defaults and mass asset confiscations. which is, of course, it’s intended purpose.

  4. Charles J. Bullock in “Essays On The Monetary History of the United States” authored in 1900 (Macmillan, New York) featured this commentary—

    “The abuses perpetrated by the banks during the first half of the century appear almost incredible. Notes were issued in such small denominations as five cents in the expectation that it would never be worth any one’s while to collect such infinitesimal currency and present it for redemption. One notorious bank, which broke down in 1809, was found to have $580,000 of notes in circulation, and $86.46 in its specie reserve. Banks were located in inaccessible places, on some bottomless prairie road, or in the depths of forests, where it would prove as difficult as possible to find the “offices” at which the notes were payable. When a Boston bank sent a batch of currency to New York for redemption, the collector of the port seized the bills upon the pretext of preventing a run on the New York banks. A messenger sent to South Royalston to demand the payment of $10,000 in notes issued by the local bank, was arrested upon a frivolous charge in order to avoid such a request. NOTHING WAS MORE COMMON THAN A STATE OF OPINION WHICH CONDEMNED EVERY ATTEMPT TO OBTAIN SPECIE FROM THE BANKS. To ask one of these institutions to fulfill the promise printed on the face of its bills was a disgraceful act, which indicated a lack of public spirit, or was proof positive of a desire to start a “run.” In Ohio, Indiana and Missouri, between 1855 and 1859, certain persons who presented notes for redemption were threatened with lynching or a coat of tar and feathers.”
    —appears in “Paper Notes Cannot Depreciate,” released in September 2005 (24,751 words)

  5. It’s not debatable that the present system will die, and another will begin… the problem lies in transition.
    The 1973/1944 system cant be turn off like a switch, and
    the new turned on…the transition wont be seamless,
    it must overlap , and eventually smother the dollar to death.
    With that death will come massive collateral damage
    in human terms… 80 million baby boomers will mostly
    have to expire, and as “The new order of barbarians”

    the stupid must sacrifice themselves on the alter
    of natural selection… at least another 100 million will be
    gone. The coming American holocaust will dwarf anything
    seen in history…nearly half the population have a sub 90
    IQ , and no skills… I just don’t see how this can end well.
    I don’t want to be around to see it.

  6. Give it up, Mr. Christenson. “Dishonest money” will never die, because the Liars are in complete control, and will remain so until they are all swinging from lampposts, at which time no one will care any more whether money is “honest” or not, because everyone will be too busy trying to save their own skins.

  7. Gary,
    i appreciate your information and opinion. And surely in the next two decades we are no doubt going to be part of an epic debt collapse. Big government will fight tooth and nail to keep their power. Taxes will surely rise to try to pay for the unsustainable promises that have got govmint elected. When that comes up short, print-to-fund will be the final episode in Homo Sapiens biggest construct to date to maximize their environment [something they are pretty good at doing-just ask the neanderthals].

    Precious metals will be, at some point, the only asset class left standing, and will keep ‘the informed’ from losing everything.

    But there will be a time to sell them…….and buy the best of what is left of the equity market for a nickel on a dollar [lets hope there is something left].

    it is extremely hard to imagine, however, a non expanding monetary system based on gold…….or any politician or govmint agreeing to this……..or the change in human nature and society required to do this.

    But i was wrong once………..i guess i could be wrong again……

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