Silver: Not Time to Worry

As Bill Holter says, “Last Friday we got horrifying (from a contrarian standpoint) COT numbers with nearly record numbers for commercial shorts.  With history as any guide, gold and silver should have already been slaughtered, they have not been.”

From Steve St. Angelo:  “Why are the Chinese Stockpiling Silver?  Big Price Move Coming?”

From Gary Savage:

“There is one reason and one reason only why gold generated a massive bear market.  The Fed needed to do QE3 and keep the stock market inflated.  They didn’t however want that liquidity to flow into the commodity markets, spike inflation, and destroy the global economy, as happened in 2008.” 

And, with a little help and an over-bought condition, gold and silver were smashed from 2011 – 2015.

“But by the fall of last year the energy industry was in trouble and on the verge of triggering another financial crisis and many over-leveraged energy companies were on the verge of going under.  The Fed desperately needed some commodity inflation.”

And, with a little help and an over-sold condition, gold and silver have rallied nicely since their lows in December 2015.

From Tom Cloud (via email):

“The Chinese have opened their physical gold and silver markets TODAY.  [April 19]  China will have a lot of control in pricing, thus hurting the companies that have been shorting the market.” 

“Physical delivery of silver from the COMEX could cause defaults [including cash settlements].” 

“The dollar is down 5% in just three months.  I believe that the dollar will have a significant drop before the end of the year.” 

“…I believe silver will do as well [in 2016] as it did in 2010 when it went from $17.20 per oz. to $30.60 per oz.” 

“Currently there is not a more important investment in the world than silver.  If things deteriorate in world economies it is the ultimate safety vehicle.”

Watch his video on silver!

Silver prices should rise, but as we know from watching markets for the past 30 years, futures and derivatives can distort markets, both higher and lower.  Never underestimate the craziness of politicians or central bankers regarding what they will do to retain power and influence.  But most of what they must do to inflate stock and bond markets – print various currencies – will drive currencies lower and push silver and gold prices higher.

ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF HISTORY – simplified version:

Central bankers want more debt, more currency in circulation, and mild to moderate inflation.  Politicians want to spend more, buy votes, receive payoffs, and take care of their friends.  The military wants another war.  That triumvirate of money interests, politicians, and the military practically guarantees more debt and higher prices.  Examine the following chart of US national debt (in $ millions) and average annual silver prices – both on log scales:


Note that debt and silver prices clearly increase exponentially.  The dashed lines show Excel calculated exponential trends.  More debt means higher silver prices – on average.  Given our triumvirate above, we will have more debt and much higher silver prices in the next decade.

Examine the same data over the past 30 years.  Debt and prices increase exponentially and silver is due to rally for several years.  More wars, debt, social programs, and desperation will accelerate the rise.




  • Would you rather hold – for the next ten years – $20 bills in cash, a ten year T-Note yielding next to nothing, a Japanese ten year note guaranteeing negative interest, or silver coins in safe storage outside the banking system?
  • Would you prefer to believe 100 years of history (increasing debt and prices) or the promises of politicians in an election year?
  • Do you trust the global financial system with roughly a 1,000 $ trillion in derivatives, massive leverage, less than honest reporting, and a history of screwing the people … or silver coins?
  • Are you confident that a 2008 financial crisis will not happen again? How about a crisis in 2016 or 2017?
  • Do you believe that inflation is near zero and your “money” will be worth as much in ten years as it is today?

Silver Thrives, Paper Dies!


Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor






10 thoughts on “Silver: Not Time to Worry

  1. If US and western investors weren’t such price-chasers the market-riggers wouldn’t get away with their manipulations. Instead, every time they smash the price down, buyers would pounce. But nooo…the silly weak hands see the price going down and they SELL. You can’t cure stupid. Earth to gold and silver investors: Low prices are a buying opportunity. These are not shares in a company. They won’t go to zero.

  2. Hallo Bronki, Du alter Silbersammler. Ich hoffe das Du deinen Silberschatz nie brauchst. Knapp wird es nicht warden, aber teuer in $ oder Euro sicherlich. Ich habe auch meinen Haufen US quarters Halves and $’s.
    Gruss aus Utah, USA

  3. When the dollar collapse arrives a new era will arrive to see real money appear once again Gold and Silver will shine once again as truth bears itself to all who can see.

  4. Sehr interessant was Silber bedeutet in der Zukunft ! Habe mir schon einen echten Silberschatz angehäuft ….hoffe doch es gibt noch bald viel mehr Silbersammler . Es wird bald knapp werden mit dem Supermetall …! Gruß aus Deutschland

  5. If Harry Dent believes that silver will be in the single digits and gold in the 900’s, what is his thinking?
    What is the down side in owning silver?

    Thanks for explaining all he Pro’s and Con’s.


    • Harry Dent believes in deflation – massive deflation that will crush stocks, bonds, and commodity prices. I think we have 100+ years of inflation, central bank printing, and deficit spending. I think there will be more inflation in commodity prices and devaluation of currencies. I disagree with Harry Dent.
      We’ll see.
      The Deviant Investor

    • I believe Harry Dent is right…to a point. Commodities WILL get crushed when the crisis hits because there will be a need for investors to liquefy to cover losses, BUT, when the masses figure out what’s going on the metals markets will once again take off. The problem is, the little guy will be for the most part crowded out of that market. Do you really want to mail in a check for say $5000 and pray you get your metals in a couple months? I don’t think so. The idea is to buy now, sit back and wait. It’ll be a rocky road but if you can sit on the silver for a period of say 5 years, you should be rewarded handsomely.

  6. I believe we need one final cleansing action to clear the
    market of speculators….
    this action will come if TPTB are not able to continue the
    antigrav actions being used to support the the S&P
    The “shocking surprise” of Singapore lowering it’s exchange rate was ordered to elevate the sagging dollar,
    the same was done to the bolivar in Venezuela a few years ago when the USDX was flirting with .77.
    It will be TPTB who eventually push PM into the stratosphere… when their counterfeiting operation fails
    they will go all in on PM to create the mega bubble we’ve been waiting for since 911.

    The world is a corporation…Hollywood told us this in 1976.
    there are no countries, there is no West!

  7. For those who may not as yet connected the Dots…

    Get all the Silver Dimes, Quarter Dollars, Halves & Dollars that you can lay your hands upon ASAP!

    Honest, Lawful Money!

    Got Any / Got Enough?

    S. Rex

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