Endgame, NIRP, and Central Bank Wars

From Alasdair MacLeod:  The Endgame and How We Got Here

“The reason this has happened is that today’s macro-economists are a failure on the one subject about which they profess to be experts:  economics.”

His article is insightful and highly intelligent.

From Zerohedge:  NIRP’s Not Working

“If an economy depends on bringing future spending into the present by destroying savings, that economy is doomed regardless of NIRP, for eventually the cash runs out and spending declines anyway.” 

“… negative interest rates force us to save even more, not less.”

From Charles Hugh Smith:  The Coming War of Central Banks

“No matter what policy the Federal Reserve pursues, there will be powerful winners and losers.” 

“This sets up a war between central banks everywhere in which winning may be as disastrous as losing.”

Valuable reading!


Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor



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