10 Questions About our Broken Financial System

  • Bonds look like a bubble in search of a pin. What if global bonds are revalued lower to account for the following?
  1. Probability of repayment in a currency that will maintain its purchasing power for the lifetime of the bond.
  2. Probability of responsible fiscal management by the governments of the bond issuing countries.
  3. Probability of repayment without rolling over those bonds by creating EVEN MORE UNPAYABLE
  4. Actual positive yield.

From Alasdair MacLeod:  The Eurozone is the greatest danger.

“Money that is invested in bonds and deposited in banks may already be on the way to money-heaven, without complacent investors and depositors realizing it.”

From Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence (subscription service)

“The biggest problem confronting the global monetary elite is sovereign debt.  There’s too much of it, it’s growing fast and it cannot possibly be paid off in real terms.  A default larger than any in history with trillions of dollars in losses for investors is coming, sooner rather than later.”

  • What if the dollar Reserve Currency Status and the petro-dollar are very near their end? What if trillions of no longer needed dollars return from outside the US and push US consumer prices higher?
  • What if the US stock market corrects by over 50% as it did after the 2000 and 2007 highs?
  • What if Fort Knox (officially contains about 4,176 metric tons of gold) is essentially empty of gold? What if the vaults in China, both public and private, are filled with far more than 10,000 tons of gold?  What if the US government is overstating how much gold the US has vaulted while China is claiming far less gold than they truly possess?  Both governments have good reasons to lie.
  • What if many defined benefit retirement programs for government and union employees will be insolvent unless they can consistently earn about 8% (unlikely) on their stock and bond portfolios?

From Michael Cembalest of JP Morgan regarding public pension plans:

“When debt reaches a certain level, the can kicking is over and difficult decisions need to be made”  … “states would need to raise substantial funds from increased tax revenues, cuts in non-retirement spending or increases in public sector worker contributions.”

  • What if the choice of US President hardly matters to the economy? Demographics, banker control over the economy, spending by the military, interest payments, and spending for entitlements will continue regardless.
  • What if paper and digital currencies are revalued down, compared to gold and silver, much closer to their intrinsic value?

From Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence (subscription service) 

“The three new ways to get inflation are ‘helicopter money,’ special drawing rights and raising the price of gold…  You can see them coming a mile away if you understand elite jargon and the elite message system…” 

From Martin Armstrong:  The Death of the Euro

“The fiscal mismanagement of government perpetually borrowing money they have no intention to pay back threatens a complete collapse of the world financial system.”

  • What if world peace is not a goal but a roadblock to be avoided? Based on the past 100 years of history, world peace looks like a fabricated distraction rather than an objective.  What if governments, bankers, and military contractors aggressively pursue continual wars, regardless of the cost in lives, public sentiment, and expenditures?

What if we exit the “reality distortion field” created by central banker obfuscation, political disinformation, television programming, and media distractions?  What if we ignored the latest Kardashian scandal, transgender bathroom controversy, and red carpet fashions, and instead we examined the reality behind each of the above questions?


  • In 10 years will paper and digital assets have increased in purchasing power by more than ounces of physical gold and silver given today’s depressed gold and silver prices and elevated stock and bond prices?
  • If we lived outside the “reality distortion field” would we adjust how much physical gold and silver we own versus the quantity of digital currency that supposedly exists in our digital accounts?

Now back to scheduled programming…  Pay attention, take your drugs, and follow instructions as dictated by the financial elite and your government ….

Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor


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