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  1. What I’ve come to understand is that the further we are into this Ponzi scheme of the fractional Reserve system the more important gold is and the more valuable it becomes.

    The US is now an abscess of corruption. Congress is an obomination (sic).
    We are past the Rubicon and we’ve had our chances– Paul and Sanders.

    $10,000 in in 1970’s dollars= $3000 Whoopee!

    The pundits keep giving the Fed credibility as if they don’t now what they are doing–they know exactly what they are doing –“by design, over time”. No one can be that stupid, not even an ivy league graduate with a doctorate degree.

    Ergo: The sovereigns are scarfing it up at an incredible rate, the scarcer it becomes, and the more valuable it becomes. It will hit that mark and that 50 years is now shrinking into 50 days. Same goes with silver.

    When gold hits that $50K mark (all paper debt divided by physical ounces above ground) , there will be torches and pitchforks, — because there will be a complete breakdown of all social systems.

    Great Site Gary! You made the cut. There’s an article I penned titled “Brother Can you spare a dime” 25 of the Best sites on the Web.

  2. Gary, the German word “Goldpreises” is the genitive case of Goldpreis which the German word for price of gold. I guess you wanted the plural of Goldpreis which is “Goldpreise”. Anyway, congratulations to your book being translated into German!

    Regarding 10,000 Dollars, that will of course happen, but the question is when. I own a book by Donald J. Hoppe written in the late 1960’s (titled “How to invest in gold coins”) where the author predicts hyperinflation for the US Dollar. Well, 50 years later, we are still waiting for that prediction to come true. I believe a Canadian guy by the name Barisheff also predicted a gold price of $10,000 a few years ago.

    • Thank you. I do not speak German and it clearly shows. I think the paper money system is fragile and $10,000 gold is closer than most people think. We shall see.
      The Deviant Investor

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