Free Stuff, Monopoly Money, and Free Passes



Politicians get elected by telling voters what they want to hear, especially that voters will receive a pile of “free stuff.” Politicians are (usually) funded by large corporate interests, particularly the financial industry, military contractors, Big “Ag,” and Big “Pharma.” It takes $ billions to buy a Presidential election and large corporate interests expect favorable access and legislation as a result of their huge contributions. It is easy to see.

Conclusion: Politicians tell voters what they want to hear and distribute “free stuff” but they do what they must to repay contributors and solicit even more money to win the next election. But in reality, voters and promises to voters become collateral damage.



A few examples come to mind: Trillions of dollars to bail out banks and the financial elite, more trillions to the sick-care/health care industry via government supported inflated prices for drugs and services, trillions to the military-industrial-security complex “to keep us safe,” various other individual and corporate welfare programs, the usual corruption and “no-bid” contracts, foreign aid, cell phones, tax loop-holes, QE, subsidized loans, “food stamps,” forgiven loans, massive payoffs, subsidized housing, Presidential pardons, political patronage jobs, student loans, and the list goes on.

Don’t forget the “free passes” to Wall Street bankers not indicted by the DOJ in numerous cases of fraud, politicians not indicted by the FBI for mishandling top-secret documents, and regulators that have failed to regulate. “Stay out of jail cards” have been purchased …



Bonds rise in price as the yield falls when central banks and others purchase bonds. Over $12 Trillion in sovereign debt currently “yields” negative interest as bonds sell at all-time highs, along with all-time highs in the DJIA.

The bond purchaser “lends” currency to an insolvent government and pays for the privilege, even though the government has assured the lender that the bond will be repaid in devalued currency units. This is clearly an unsustainable bubble. Remember: Stocks and bonds could be topping now, and BUBBLES ALWAYS POP.

Conclusion: $Trillions of paper “wealth” will vanish when bond and/or stock bubbles implode.

Death from above: Politicians and bankers are often predators that view taxpayers and the populace as a source for their needs.

Bill Holter: “They have fixed nothing because nothing can be fixed. No bullet has been dodged.”

Survival down below: We need protection from predators. We also need insurance to preserve our purchasing power from continually devaluing currencies, market crashes, failing pensions, politicians, central banks, and consumer price inflation.

Physical gold and silver come to mind.


Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor

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