Give Me Control Of …

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”

Supposedly this is a quote from Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild. Ignore the distinct possibility that he did not make this statement, but let’s assume the concept, if not the quote, is accurate.

The Federal Reserve and other central banks exercise considerable control over our economies via interest rates, debt creation, QE and more. They create massive profits for the financial industry that in turn purchases many politicians and Presidents.

Now expand the concept into other areas and see if the results ring true.

  • Give me control of a nation’s financial systems and I shall own the politicians who make the laws.

Print currencies and buy politicians. Same idea – it is easy!

  • Give me control of the FBI investigators and I can avoid prosecution and indictments.

Hmmmm. There was something in the news about this recently…

  • Give me control of the voting machines and I care not who the voters in the popular election actually wanted.

In Philadelphia in 2012, 59 districts cast 100.0% of their votes for Obama and the voting machines show that not one person cast their vote for Romney. Strange. Amazing. Unusual. It might happen once in the age of the universe, or again this November in Philadelphia. Still, a vote of 19,605 to zero in 59 districts is difficult to believe, even in strongly democratic districts in urban America.

  • Give me control of the DNC and I care not who the primary voters chose.

Hmmmm. Ask Bernie Sanders if he agrees.

  • Give me control of the media and I will tell the people of the world what I want them to know, but not necessarily the facts.
    • There is ample evidence that the media has an agenda and promotes certain ideas, regardless of facts. Examples include, “the economy is fine,” “that Presidential candidate is … fill in your favorite accusation,” “unemployment is less than 5% in the US,” “Social Security benefits are guaranteed and the system is solid,” “weapons of mass destruction,” and so many more.
    • Further, the media can control what is NOT reported as news.
  • Give me control of the statistics and I can assure the public that unemployment is either high or low, GDP is weak or strong, violent crime is getting better or worse, drug abuse is mild or extreme, illegal aliens are sneaking into the country or leaving, gang violence is becoming worse or better, or whatever is needed …

Lies, damned lies and statistics!

  • Give me control of the Fort Knox gold and Americans can rest assured that no gold will be reported missing and there is no need for an audit.

This is self-explanatory and consistent with observations over the past six decades.


Readers will have other suggestions for this list. I encourage you to add them as comments.

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Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor

6 thoughts on “Give Me Control Of …

  1. Before that, “Let us control the money of a nation, and we care not who makes its laws” was said to be a “maxim” of the House of Rothschilds, or, even more vaguely, of the “money lenders of the Old World”.

  2. Give me control of the school and I give you the slaves (dummys)

    Give me control of the technologie and slaves and I give you the bio-androits.

    best regards from Berlin /Germany

    PS: day for day in the deep night came the rapefugees to the new Airport BER
    officially is the airport not working, rhytmus landing 3 min, the Autobahn to
    the airport is blocking. please help us and make it public in the worlt.

  3. We as a people need to come to the realization that our perceived need to protect our credit,should be replaced with a plan to fuck the banks.If all college students that have debt decided to not pay ANY more loans back,we could actually break these big banks,because real change can only happen when we the people are aware and act together in the greatest act of civil disobediance ever.”Real change can only happen from the ground up”Bernie Sanders>

  4. Hi Sir,

    My thinking is exactly the same as yours,and our thinking seems to be correct !
    This view on what’s happening now is the same for the whole world,you can bring it all together in one word : corruption.
    The point is that they can continue to do,because they are fully aware that people can be and is easily manipulated all the time.


  5. I recall something similar that was attributed to Joseph Stalin that involved he who counts the votes determining the outcome of elections. It certainly appears that America’s system of law and institutions are about to succumb to the base human instincts of avarice and the quest for power.
    It appears that the eternal vigilance by the people that Jefferson lauded as necessary to maintain liberty has given way to self interest, however Jefferson also spoke of his faith of the people to right the course of government when it strayed from the principles of law. Perhaps that is what we are witnessing in this election, at least one can hope, for if that is not the case America, if not the world, is about to undergo changes that will likely not be for the better. We are approaching an era of change while we hope for a positive future.

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