Eight Days to Destruction

Harvey made landfall as a Category 4 Hurricane on August 25. The wind and flooding caused massive destruction. The news mentioned one hundred billion dollars as a preliminary estimate of the damage.

Eight days before on August 17 Harvey became a named storm. There was no apparent cause for alarm on August 17.

Two days later it was upgraded to a tropical depression. Harvey reached hurricane strength on August 24. Much can happen in eight days.

  • August 17: Harvey is named
  • August 21: Total eclipse of the sun. The path crossed the contiguous 48 states. Read “Total Eclipse of Sense.”
  • August 21: President Trump announces a revised and renewed war effort in Afghanistan.
  • August 25: Category 4 Harvey makes landfall, destroys buildings and dumps trillions of gallons of water on Texas. Houston, the 4th largest city in the U.S. flooded in many areas.




  • Are you prepared for drastic changes in your physical environment? Harvey, Katrina, Rita, and 9-11 show that our world changes, sometimes in deadly ways.
  • Are you prepared financially? What will a stock or bond market crash do to your life style and retirement plans? Given their extreme valuations, a crash is possible.
  • In 2008 we experienced a credit crunch, a destructive event because the economic world depends upon credit. It could happen again.
  • The U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency. The U.S. military and the petrodollar support that status. Change is coming.



Gold Market: From January 21, 1980 to January 28, 1980, (seven days) the price of gold dropped from a high of $873 to a low of $607. Down 30%!

DOW Index: From October 12, 1987 to October 20, 1987, the DOW dropped from a high of 2,505 to a low of 1,616. Down 36%!

NASDAQ 100 Index: From March 27, 2000 to April 4, 2000, the NASDAQ 100 dropped from a high of 4,781 to a low of 3,525. Down 26%!

9-11 Attack: Three buildings collapsed at “free-fall” speeds after being hit by two airliners. An official story was created, but let’s not quibble about details. The United States was a different environment eight days after 9-11.

S&P 500 Index: From October 2, 2008 to October 10, 2008, the S&P 500 Index dropped from a high of 1,160 to a low of 840. Down 27%!

Hurricane Harvey: A category 4 hurricane was a tiny storm only eight days earlier. Houston will recover and rebuild for eight months, or perhaps eight years following the incredible flooding. Houston, you have a problem!

Yes, much can happen in only eight days.


According to Charles Hugh Smith, “Next Stop, Recession: The Financial Meteor Storm is Headed Our Way

“The next recession – which I suggested yesterday has just begun – will be more than a business-cycle downturn; it will be a devastating meteor storm that destroys huge chunks of the economy while leaving other sectors virtually untouched.”

His description of coming economic destruction parallels the devastation in Houston. If you live in the flood zones, you’ll see vast destruction. Higher areas will get rained on but could be virtually untouched by the massive destruction.




  1. Self-reliance. Find your own answers.
  2. Possess real money. Don’t depend entirely upon the debt based digital and paper stuff that can vanish as quickly as a Cadillac in a Houston flood.
  3. Minimize counter-party risk and off-load assets that will be destroyed in a credit crunch, debt reset, dollar devaluation, or crash in the purchasing power of the dollar.
  4. Possess assets that will be less affected by counter-party risk, a credit crunch, and massive inflation in the supply of dollars. Gold and silver come to mind.

Find your own answers. This story went viral. “Dog Carrying A Bag of Food

Otis (the dog) relied upon himself, knew what he needed, and did what was necessary. A bag of food was his “gold” in the storm.


Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor

11 thoughts on “Eight Days to Destruction

    • Hmmm… And yet they were published before I received this notice. I approved your comment – and appreciated your comments – but perhaps the delay occurred because of sleep, and nothing more………

      The Deviant Investor

      • More from matslinger:

        The technology to steer is OLD! seeding the clouds with
        carbon black raises sun absorbsion and creates a warm path
        for the hurricanes to follow… that’s how it used to be done …

        Now, the lay down chem trails and heat the area they wish
        the storm to follow with ground based NEXRAD (cloud heaters) !

        That giant that’s forming in the Atlantic had prototype in 2012….

        They created an ultra low barometer area over the OK NEXRAD
        transmitter , and spun up this monster in March 2012…
        I think it was just to discover temperature parameters, because
        it was too early in the year for any warm air to develop it
        into a full blown hurricane.

        This not something that can be fully explained in a 5 minute
        sound byte… It’s taken hundreds of hours of research and
        observation to sort this out.

        The American people have been dumbed down to such
        a degree, your a freak to even discuss this stuff.

        I’m sorry for venting on you…. I just hate being ignored
        when I have such valuable information to offer.

        Below is the 2012 hurricane experiment, and a single frame
        image I spent an hour extracting from the NOAA

        they tried to conceal it ! it’s an SBX generated
        hurricane that was never announced by the media.

        Also an official image of Sandy being chem trailed
        to steer it into NY…. it’s funny! when you click on this
        page now, they’ve substituted religious propaganda
        from revelations.

      • By the way. I don’t block comments that disagree with me. I do block spam, obvious commercial comments, and I block a few individuals who have nothing useful to say but wish to use the comment section as a forum for their own ideas.

        The Deviant Investor

  1. One more comment on weather mods, and I’ll let this go.
    Ever since 2009 when radio talk show host / former Green beret
    “John Moore” predicted “inland huricanes”, I began watching
    weather very closely. On October 10th 2010, Minnesota was hit by
    48 hour long sustained 60 mph winds… when I looked at all the
    different aspects of NEXRAD, there it was ! and I saved the official
    NOAA page showing it !
    In the past, the way they steered a hurricane was to color the
    clouds with carbon black to change cloud color for the absorption
    of sun light…. A hurricane always follow warm air… chemtrail jets
    seeded the clouds to create a warm path to the target… we saw
    this when chemtrail jets repeatedly seeded the Sandy storm in
    route to her intended target…. but there’s more …

    Now, they can heat the atmosphere with ground based transmitters
    and paint a path for the storm to follow !

    And then there is animation… most of the time what you see on weather
    radar is CGI… On one occasion in 2011, a tornado hit Rogers MN , but
    was never seen on NOAA! Intelicast saw it, but the NOAA animators
    screwed up and forgot to add a to add a tornado! there were no warnings
    and the town was devastated .
    I could go on and on … I’m so used to closed minded people (mostly delusional Christians) doubting that ANYTHING isn’t controlled by God.

    end of rant. good night.

  2. I have no scientific evidence that this kind of capability exists. Contrary to naïve belief its impossible to keep large secrets completely secret over time. Hence we would already know if steering of weather systems is even remotely possible. You may remember that Bush was blamed of causing Katrina with a secret weather weapon. Weather systems have immense energy and therefore would take immense applied energy to control them. That amount of energy in the atmosphere cant be contained and would thereby leave a very detectable signature.

    • The operation starfish experiment (NAVY) 1962 has been declassified.
      They did explode an atomic weapon with the intention of distorting the
      magnetosphere to create “a bubble” in the atmosphere… when
      the distortion receded, it displaced the atmosphere to push the
      jet stream away from it… it was also the first recorded EMP on
      record, as it fried electronics in Hawaii…
      My brother in-law lived it !

      Since that time , ULF , and UHF experiments using BILLION watt
      transmitters have focused on the magnetosphere with the same
      effect , minus the crude EMP side effect of an atom bomb.

      I’m forever dumbfounded that educated people are so ignorant
      to the effects of Moore’s law…. RFID chips are now measured
      in thousandth’s of an inch …. those grain of rice chips were gone
      20 years ago… weather modification is an industry ! and technology is racing away from us in all catagories.

  3. There was a total eclipse in 1979. Gold topped out in 1980. Will the same happen again? I think it will. August 21, 2017, I stood among friends in the streets in a small town watching the eclipse. At total eclipse I heard a lot of people screaming and yelling in the neighborhood. My first thought was…. This must have been what Noah heard when the doors of the Ark were closed and the flooding began. Yes, have a plan and include gold and silver and most importantly, faith in God and his son Jesus Christ.

  4. Not usually included on the LIST of things to have foreign real estate just might be a good thing . Some where to go in case here is no longer COMFORTABLE !

  5. Those of us who’ve done serious research know that Katrina and Sandy
    were at the very least , steered to their targets … Katrina was born over
    the Puerto Rico HAARP field. We know that operation starfish was the
    first real attempt to steer the jet stream in 1962. We know that a UN treaty
    banning weather weapons was signed between the US and USSR in 1977.
    We suspect ,very strongly, that “the polar vortex of 2013-2014 ” was also
    a steering event to create a price gouging opportunity on natural gas.
    We know that the Joplin storm created speculative building material
    and home building profits for those so positioned to receive them…
    destruction is profitable !!
    SBX platforms can also generate hurricanes, and (they’re mobile).
    George Soros is Johnny on the spot to purchase properties
    for pennies on the dollar each time one of these things happens.
    The NYSE conducts weather derivative gambling… if you were playing
    the slots and could make 777 appear every time, would you ?
    Moore’s law doubles technology every 2 years… its been 55
    years since the experiments began… phenolic dial phones were
    the norm then, smart phones with low level a.i. are the norm now…
    do you think they MIGHT made some progress on weather mods?
    especially with the proceeds from all those $20,000 toilet seats ?
    Is it such a stretch to believe “gasoline speculators are behind this
    “profitable” weather event?
    Research 1996 Airforce document “Owning the weather by 2025”
    they’re WAAAAAY ahead of schedule !

    • It would be more Christian of them to use their weather-control power to either steer the storm over the open ocean until it gets to open northern waters ( rain over the ocean is not as bad as rain over Galveston ) — OR — use their power to weaken and dissipate the storm.

      If the US Government or Military has such power, and uses to visit destruction on humanity, then the USA is truly evil.

      Remember, rain happening over the ocean, is not so bad, considering the alternatives !


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