Harvey, Irma, Jeopardy, and Knox

It’s simple: H – I – J – K tells the story.


Harvey: Estimate $100 billion in damages from Hurricane Harvey. Insurance helps some and costs others. As a nation it still hurts by $100 billion.

Irma: Estimate $100 billion in damages from Hurricane Irma. Insurance helps some and costs others. As a nation it still hurts by $100 billion.

Jeopardy – Triple: Debt, Deficits and the Dollar. Debt up, dollar down!

Debt and Deficits: The hurricanes will cost the U.S. government and economy many $ billions and increase the national debt and deficit. There is no plan to reduce other spending to compensate. Just borrow baby! Borrow more and more. What could go wrong? Spending is out-of-control, and that was before two Hurricanes and before the U.S. ramps up military spending, more wars, and whatever comes next.

Dollar: All that spending funded by additional debt, not productive effort, will weaken the dollar further. The dollar index is down 12% since its 14 year high in early January 2017. The index measures relative strength between other declining debt-based fiat currencies and the declining debt-based fiat dollar, which is supported by nothing but debt, taxes, and the military. Measured in gold for the same period, the dollar is down 22%.

Knox (Fort): Officially Fort Knox in Kentucky holds 147 million ounces of gold. PRETEND that official story is true, the gold is physically there, unencumbered, not leased out, and not stolen. The 147 million ounces of gold are worth $200 billion dollars – about the losses from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. That shows how low gold is valued at current prices.

In less than 30 days two hurricanes cost about one Fort Knox Gold Unit – the value of the gold supposedly stored there. There has been no independent audit since the 1950s.

The INCREASE in U.S. national debt – before hurricanes and a Korean War effort – will be around one $ trillion for this year. That is equivalent to five Fort Knox Gold Units for only this year. We spent many other Fort Knox Gold Units every year for decades. The total national debt at $20 trillion is about 100 Fort Knox Gold Units.


  • U.S. government expenses are out-of-control. National debt has increased around 9% every year since 1913. Congress and the President want to scrap the fiction known as the “debt ceiling,” which will confirm the U.S. has no intention of managing expenses or reducing debt. Expenses, deficits and the national debt will go up … until a reset occurs. The dollar will decline.

  • If two hurricanes will cost – in round numbers – the value of the gold supposedly stored in Fort Knox, the gold is valued far too low. How about ten times higher?
  • If the U.S. government must borrow a $trillion per year – five Fort Knox Gold Units – just to pay expenses in excess of annual revenues, gold is undervalued. How about five to twenty times higher?
  • The “petro-dollar” has supported the value of the dollar since the early 1970s. Countries that wanted to buy oil on the global market, until recently, had to purchase that oil with U.S. dollars. The demand for dollars was strong and that maintained the value of those dollars. But recently China and Russia have bypassed the dollar for many transactions. Iran, Russia and others will soon sell oil to China and will be paid in gold or yuan. This trend is likely to continue and the international demand for dollars will decline further. If demand for dollars (easily created) declines and the demand for gold (difficult to mine) increases, one can expect the value of gold, measured in dollars, to triple or quintuple within a decade or less.

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  • Exceptional needs such as hurricanes and wars that boost spending, hammer the budget, and increase the national debt will always exist. The system has been in place for decades – so Congress likes and continues the process. The system works for the political and financial elite.
  • If gold is so important that we keep it in a massive building (Fort Knox) protected by weapons, mines and thousands of soldiers, why hasn’t it been independently audited in 60+ years? Maybe the results of the audit would be embarrassing.
  • If gold is NOT important, why not dump it on the market and pay for a few months of excessive expenditures as authorized by Congress? Because the pretense of retaining gold is important.
  • If gold is NOT important, why does Russia purchase more each month? Why does China refuse to export gold, purchase more each month, and encourage its citizens to purchase gold? Because Asia and Russia understand what the west refuses to admit – gold is far more valuable than its current price indicates.
  • A reset in the attitude toward gold will come to the west. Asia already understands gold, wants it, protects it, and buys more every month.
  • Gold is important, much of western gold is gone, few in power will admit that debt can’t fund wars, entitlements and pork forever, and a reset is coming.

South Texas and Florida have sustained severe damage. More economic damage will come to the middle class of the U.S. as a consequence of massive debts, dishonest money, fiat dollars, and our confused and contradictory attitudes toward gold.

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Gold prices have moved upward through $1,300 and will probably correct somewhat, but higher prices are essentially guaranteed. You can purchase my book: “Buy Gold Save Gold! The $10K Logic” on Amazon or at gechristenson.com

Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor

4 thoughts on “Harvey, Irma, Jeopardy, and Knox

  1. We must be concerned that each new manufactured emergency has a shelf life.

    The media drops little hints to clue us about what may be coming next.

    I quit watching TV 10 years ago, and my IQ went up 4 points…
    My wife is still a TV addict, so I overhear things on the news
    when the TV weapon is activated.
    What I heard 2 night’s ago was a subliminal attempt to prepare us
    for another potential FLU/VACCINATION extravaganza… the NBC prestitute was
    doing a hit and run piece on how “flu vaccines don’t really cause miscarriage”.

    A few years back, John Rapoport did a four part piece on MK ULTRA
    experiments to create “memory loss agents” used in vaccines.

    The crimes of the fake 2008-2012 flu epidemic promoted by girly man Obama have been
    mostly forgotten…so let me remind us of what happened 9 years ago…

    Obama went on “The View” and announced there would be a series
    of (3) vaccinations for (ALL) Americans…
    Heath rights advocate Dr, Rima LeBeux responded! explaining
    the (3) shots were needed to insure complete sterility
    of the American people… their back up contingency to
    destroy our heritage is obvious in the gates of hell being
    opened WIDE or any mud people who wish to come here.

    Pregnant women who received the swine flu vaccine saw a 700% increase
    in miscarriage… this was not reported by the media (EVER).

    The 2008-2009 vaccine continued to be given well into 2012,
    (for a 2008-2009 virus !)
    there were hundreds of millions of doses manufactured
    and the drug corps wanted their profits! regardless !

    They kicked back (and are still kicking back) money
    to doctors and clinics to schlepp their poisons.
    The last two times I went to the doctor, they tried
    to force vaccines on me… I literally had to stand up
    and walk out when they brought in the vaccine tray
    I had told them I didn’t want.

    When more illnesses prevailed in 2012,
    the drug companies blamed the clinics for
    administering expired vaccines (that they provided !!!)

    Several pharmaceutical companies paid HUGE fines, including
    one that paid $3 billion, and was later contracted to provide
    vaccinations for the fake “Ebola scare” also promoted by “girlyman”
    They activated a law passed by Bush in 2005 to mandate the import
    of sick and diseased minors from Central America…ostensibly, sickened
    and made ill intentionally to serve as “straw men” to validate the appearance
    of the US military bio weapon “Ebola”… the same ploy was used in Ukraine
    when “the black death” was piggy-backed on top of the fake swine flu pandemic
    declared by UN WHO communists.

    In 2015 a new flu vaccine was launched… It resulted in nation wide
    reactions and illness… the CDC pulled the vaccine , using the cover
    story that “it was not potent enough” …potent enough for what?

    Against my advice, my sister got that vaccination, and like thousands
    of others, got violently ill ! she died of cancer several months later.

    So, there are many methods the globalists use to extract profits,
    and expire the herd in an optimum (synchronized) time frame.

    The death of the dollar has been baked in the cake since
    1913… there is plentiful freemason numerology to prove
    they knew it was coming, and designed the termination.

    We the sheeple are being sychonized
    to expire at the same time as the dollar does…

    150 million American people will never work again…
    those are factual numbers…actually, sugar coated.

    Our jobs as consumers, to buy and destroy , and buy some more,
    are about completed… to consume is to destroy ! that’s one
    definition that “Dictionary.com” has yet to sanitize or remove….
    the last time I looked, they had removed one definition for
    “note”, – a loan , or lien.
    There will be more attacks on America… and they can be old ideas
    we’ve already seen! …we wont recognize them, or care,
    so long as we got the memory loss vaccine.

    2005 pentagon behavioral modification vaccine video…


    the hit counter has been reset ,
    as with all inflammatory information
    Google wishes to discredit.

  2. The manufactured storms we just witnessed were a desperation act to fight deflation through
    destruction of private and public property… the FED gets a temporary reprieve from
    sudden death.
    It needed a world war to FLOOD the world with more counterfeit,
    but will have to settle for a fraction of a “TRILL” for now.

    Had Putin and others cooperated , perhaps the stawman sacrifice of Texas and Florida
    would not have been necessary… and now the other shoe drops… the Zionist owned
    insurance companies will be devastated to save the Zionist owned FED……
    there just doesn’t seem to be enough room for all the Zionists in the life boats.


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