Rob From The Middle Class Economics

Much of our financial world functions as a “Rob from the Middle Class” economy. The system robs from the middle class and poor via “money printing” and inflation of the currency supply!

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Little benefit comes from complaining about the process or fighting it. Understand the process, work around it, and use it constructively.


Explaining Our Rob from the Middle Class Economy:


Governments, individuals, pension funds and corporations are increasingly financialized and dependent upon debt, central bank interventions and currency devaluations. Wages are less relevant in a financialized economy because wages rise slowly while debt, currency in circulation, and paper financial assets increase rapidly.

Caution: Those rapidly rising stock prices can reverse even more rapidly.


The Fed has your back if you are a member of the political and financial elite. The top few percent earn far more because of central bank “stimulus,” currency printing that levitates stock and bond markets and huge contracts from federal and state governments. This trend toward increasing the income and wealth of the financial elite has accelerated since 1980, as shown below.

If you earn wages paid in debt based fiat dollars you know your expenses have increased more rapidly than your wages. Your purchasing power decreases because fiat currency units are devalued by the massive government and central bank “printing” of those currencies. Every newly created dollar (euro, pound, yen) devalues all existing currency units. Most prices rise but hourly wages stagnate.

How can we measure these trends? (All data from the St. Louis Federal Reserve unless specified otherwise.)

Graph the ratio of M3 (a measure of currency in circulation) to average hourly wages. The graph below shows M3 has grown more rapidly than hourly wages in the past 40 years. The extra currency in circulation has created higher prices for consumers and financial assets.

Total Debt Securities in the U.S.:


Graph the ratio of total debt securities as reported by the St. Louis Fed to hourly wages. The graph shows total debt has risen more rapidly than wages, even though wages are somewhat higher than three decades ago. Negative consequences occur, except for the financial elite, from “out-of-control” government spending, corporate buy backs with inexpensive debt, student loans, sub-prime auto loans and more.

  • Debt is leverage and financial crashes become more likely.
  • Debt must be repaid via devalued currencies or defaulted.
  • Debt requires interest payments.
  • Interest payments reduce future disposable income.
  • High debt and reduced disposable income lead to bankruptcies and a weaker economy.

Wages grow slowly – about 4.2% per year since 1971. Wall Street average bonuses (source: Business Insider) have grown rapidly. Those who process paper and digital assets benefit from the financialization of the economy. The rich get richer … the poor and middle class get stagnating wages and higher prices.

But, the middle class can protect their savings and purchasing power with gold and silver.


Gold and silver should leap to mind because they are financial insurance and protection against continually devaluing fiat currencies. They insulate us from the “money printing” that leads to wealth inequality.

The same is true for the S&P 500 Index and bonds. Currency units are created by commercial banks and central banks. Debt increases, and much of the newly created currency is directed into stocks and bonds, but not into higher wages for workers. The excess debt and currency in circulation levitates the stock market. Wall Street benefits while Main Street lags…

More currency circulates each year. The U.S. government spends about $4 trillion each year – 20 times the value of the gold SUPPOSEDLY held in Fort Knox. Total government expenses rise faster than hourly wages. Wage earners and pensioners suffer from declining purchasing power in a financialized economy.

Currency in circulation, debt, government expenditures, the stock market and Wall Street bonuses outpace hourly wages. The paper and digital portions of the economy benefit from government and central bank devaluation policies.

Wages earners have received little from the massive spending and debt programs that levitated stock and bond markets and fed $ trillions to the military contractors, large pharmaceutical companies, Wall Street and other corporations that influence lawmakers.

Other Examples: Cigarettes and gold


The St. Louis Fed publishes data for the price of cigarettes and tobacco as an index. A ratio of the cigarette index to hourly wages shows that cigarettes are about three times more expensive today than 40 years ago when compared to hourly wages.

The ratio of annual gold prices to hourly wages shows the bubble peak in 1980 and a smaller peak in 2011. Current gold prices are inexpensive compared to both hourly wages and total debt securities. (See below.)

What do others say about wages?

From Wolf Street: “The Chilling Fact”

“We already found buried in it that inflation-adjusted earnings from wages, salaries, etc. for full-time employed men have fallen 4.4% since 1973.”

“Inflation-adjusted” uses the official government massaged inflation data. The 4.4% DROP in wages is a politically motivated best case interpretation. Those who pay for groceries, prescription drugs, college tuition, Obamacare or rent know that official inflation statistics are “optimistic.”

The bottom line is that wages are stagnant compared to the paper and digital portions of the economy.


The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, as planned. The lowest “inflation-adjusted” incomes remain flat over time while the top 1%, top 5%, and top 20% have enjoyed large “inflation-adjusted” increases in their income. The top 1% benefit more from the stock market rally than the bottom 60% of households.



Neither gold nor silver are subject to counter-party risk. “If I don’t get paid, then I can’t honor my commitments to you,” is IRRELEVANT when your wealth is stored in physical gold and silver. The days of huge counter-party risk in the digital world, such as 2008, are likely to return soon.

The stock markets are trading at all-time highs. In contrast, gold and silver are down 35% and 70% from their all-time highs. It is easy to “print” more digital currency units to boost stock prices. It is difficult to mine gold and silver. A reset to lower financial prices and higher gold and silver prices is inevitable.

Action Needed: Create gold and silver backing for your savings, investments, and retirement!




  • Central bank and commercial bank creation of new digital currency units have benefited stocks, bonds, and those in the top 5% of income far more than those earning hourly wages or who survive in the bottom 80% of incomes. Every newly created currency unit devalues all existing currency units. We experience that as “stuff costs more.”
  • Total debt increases more rapidly than wages. Debt is rolled over and “paid” by issuing new debt. The dollar’s purchasing power erodes every year. Gold and silver protect your purchasing power.
  • If you don’t want to play the paper game, own real money, not the digital and paper stuff. Gold and silver are real money, and are NOT dependent upon central banks or government promises, commitments and integrity.
  • Gold and silver are currently inexpensive compared to total debt, M3 and government expenses. Risk is extreme in our over-extended financial system. Gold and silver may remain inexpensive for many months … or, after the economic hurricane, reset much higher.

Protect your purchasing power, savings and retirement.

Call Miles Franklin or Why Not Gold to discuss precious metals.


Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor

5 thoughts on “Rob From The Middle Class Economics

  1. But you still have to convert gold/silver to something that is commonly accepted as money. So I walk into Mickey D’s with a Gold American Eagle. Will the snowflake behind the counter even have an idea what it is? Everybody talks about how smart it is to have gold and silver. No one ever talks about how you would convert it to something spendable. So, how would you?

    • Gold is valuable everywhere in the world. Paper currency units are accepted at a particular time and place. If I want something from Mickey D’s I will march in with dollars, euros, yen, lira, pounds or whatever. But if I want something with lasting value, I want gold!
      The Deviant Investor

  2. The Art of Contrary Thinking by Humphrey Neil was published in 1954. Anyone who doubts the wisdom of gold and silver might reconsider after reading the book. It’s a classic every investor should have in his library. It explains why one should have no concern about the lack of media attention at this time. These are the best prices since 2001.

  3. Inflation and deflation are financial concepts that apply to REAL MONEY not to fake money backed by nothing.
    “WE” did not create the fake Federal Perpetual War Debt. The traitors at the Pentagon have pledged to serve the BritishEmpire/N.A.T.O. HEROINE MAFIA permanently. They use the Declaration of Independence to wipe their ass.
    They are traitors. They print fake money called Federal Reserve Notes to pay for a forever war against the victims of the British Empire.

  4. Those who benefit the most should contribute a proportionate share.
    Amazing that all these leftwing tech billionaires do not want to share THEIR wealth. Even though They are always eager to spread YOUR money around……
    Time for the 1% to contribute PROPORTIONALLY to the War Efforts. Much is expected from those to whom much is given.
    Some of our Troops give ALL, or are maimed for life,and the 1% balks at giving MONEY when they have so much?!
    Cut taxes for the “Rich” so they will invest their money in creating more jobs? By that logic giving ALL your money to the Rich would make Everyone rich. Humanity already tried that. It was called FEUDALISM, a primitive form of COMMUNISM.
    LISTEN to what these neocon PSEUDO-capitalists are saying:
    “TAKE from the POOR and GIVE to the RICH”
    “FROM each according to their ABILITY, TO each according to their NEED. The POOR have the ABILITY to be squeezed for more taxes …….. and the Rich NEED more money …… to create jobs”???????.
    This is INSANITY, this is C-O-M-M-U-N-I-S-M by a different name.
    MAKE ZUCKerberg and these other Billionaires that want to flood the labor pool and drive downYOUR wages with cheap illegals & invaders ….. PAY FOR THEM. As it is, YOU pay to bring in and train YOUR replacements.
    The rich “Nobles” paid NO taxes and they created LOTS of jobs for the SERFS and PEASANTS………building CASTLES and making life better for the RICH-NOBILITY. Work and Taxes was all the Serfs knew. Where do the heroic figures of Robin Hood and William Tell spring from if not resistance to this inane idea? Seing this extremist idea dragged out of the muck of history proves to me that our Nation has truly been DUMBED DOWN and Public Schools need to be upgraded and intensified.
    Quit living in Never-Never Land where Wars are not paid for. The Founding Fathers of America didn’t. The Founding Fathers were rich, but they knew it was their CIVIC DUTY to contribute. It was called LEADERSHIP. They personally “raised” entire companies of men for the war. That means THEY PAID FOR THEM. Not like today when the YELLOW-BELLIED-DRAFT-DODGING Neocan WAR PROFITEERS beat the drums for endless war, and insist that YOU pay for it, while they reap profit off Defense Stocks. It is REALITY CHECK time America. Make those who pound the War Drums, GO TO THE WAR.

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