“Take a Pill” Consequences

This article was written for Miles Franklin by Gary Christenson who advocates treating causes, not symptoms.

Headache? Muscle ache? Back ache? Take a pill! An over-the-counter pill will diminish the symptoms and pain. The consequences will come later.

High cholesterol? Take a pill. There are other ways to reduce cholesterol but none that produce $ billions for Big Pharma. Consequences to your body and finances will manifest in other ways.

High Blood Pressure? Take a pill. There are other means to lower blood pressure, but none that produce $ billions for Big Pharma. Side effects may require other drugs, which will also have side effects.

Economic sluggishness? Take a pill – an extra-large dose of Quantitative Easing. There are other ways to stimulate the economy, but QE bailed out banks at taxpayer expense, increased banking profits, expanded debt, printed $16 trillion from “thin air” and levitated the stock market.

Economic Side effects: Pension funds are increasingly insolvent, savers don’t earn a decent return from savings, official debt exceeds $21 trillion, a potential derivative disaster looms ahead, and more dangers will manifest in coming years.


  • If an individual has broken his leg, massive doses of OxyContin may remove the recognition of pain, but it does nothing to heal the broken leg. Treat causes, not symptoms!
  • If an individual has high blood pressure caused by any of a dozen life-style or diet choices, a pill may reduce blood pressure, but it doesn’t correct the imbalances that created the high blood pressure.
  • The government and Federal Reserve have created too much debt. It can’t be paid with current dollars. Adding more debt is NOT a solution to an excessive debt problem, but that is the preferred choice of governments and central banks.
  • Treating symptoms does not solve problems. Temporary pain may disappear, but at what future cost?
  • Legislation usually treats symptoms. An affected group could be farmers, cotton growers, ranchers, public employee unions, other organizations, or any ethnic or racial group. The result: more bureaucracy, more social programs, increased taxes, and less productivity.

From Ronald Reagan:

“Nothing lasts longer than a temporary government program.”


The decade of the 1960s introduced new problems to the American public. Many were direct consequences of the excessive spending on President Johnson’s “guns and butter” programs. He escalated the Vietnam War at a massive cost while increasing social programs. (Sound familiar?)

“Take a pill” thinking encouraged government to spend a fortune on war and social programs and face the consequences later. Foreign nations converted dollars to gold per the Bretton Woods treaty. Instead of correcting the imbalances and spending responsibly, President Nixon did his version of “take a pill” and decreed the U.S. would no longer redeem dollars from foreign nations with gold. The consequences included the huge consumer price inflation of the 1970s, interest rates spiking into the teens in 1980, a stagnant stock market from 1965 until the early 1980s, and much social anguish.

Consequences always arise from actions. “Take a pill” thinking pretends actions are disconnected from consequences, but “the piper must be paid.”

  • What are the consequences of central banks creating $20 trillion in digital currency units from “thin air?”

  • What are the consequences of the Swiss Central Bank creating billions of Swiss Francs to buy American stocks?
  • What are the consequences of Japanese government debt exceeding 250% of their GDP?

  • What are the consequences of debt increasing more rapidly than GDP and government revenues?


  • If debts cannot be paid, they will not be paid. That will cause massive defaults or huge currency inflation to pretend to pay the debts. Either alternative creates a currency crisis and devalued dollars, euros, yen, and pounds.
  • If debt increases more rapidly than revenues, debt service will eventually dominate spending. What comes then? Confiscation of private assets? Negative interest rates? Higher taxes? Sovereign default? A distracting global war? Read Shelter From The Storm?
  • Because “take a pill” thinking treats symptoms and not causes, the structural problems in the economy, government and foreign policy will not be resolved. The American public will dislike the consequences.
  • The U.S. economy runs on debt and credit. If debts aren’t paid, credit disappears. If credit weakens, as in 2008, confidence and trust vanish and the economy slows or collapses.

  • A run-away train will crash. Will out-of-control spending and run-away debt create a different result?

  • The ugly consequences of decades of bad policy, excessive spending and “take a pill” thinking will not smash us in the face next week, but they will arrive.

  • Prepare for the consequences of “take a pill” thinking. A currency crisis will cause devalued currencies. Gold and silver will help protect your savings and assets.

  • A debt default will devastate many debt-based assets. Your debt is someone’s asset only if you can pay. If you default, the asset is worth much less. Gold and silver have no counter-party risk.
  • Many governments survive only by borrowing each year. When the music stops, those who prepared and faced unpleasant truths will fare better.

Be wary of the consequences of “take a pill” thinking, run-away debt creation, bad policies, excessive spending, and currency unit devaluations. Do your due diligence, and protect your savings and retirement with real assets such as precious metals.

Miles Franklin at 1–800-822-8080 or Why Not Gold.

Gary Christenson

6 thoughts on ““Take a Pill” Consequences

  1. In my experience, taking lemon juice diluted in water (no sweeteners including honey; no vinegar either) will dissolve arterial calcium if taken persistently over several months, always on empty stomach. The citric acid in lemons is very corrosive towards calcium. To safely use it, it must be swallowed fast and rinsed off the teeth. Internally it will work wonders here’s my personal account

    I had some awful heartburn episodes (after taking antibiotics) and these were 100% resolved by taking glutamine powder in fruit juice (empty stomach is best) as it repairs the LES (lower esophageal sphincter, a valve).

    My dog was predicted in Nov 2016 to be dead of cancer by spring 2017. I read on Pub Med about substances being researched for conversion to patentable derivatives. BUT, these natural modalities ALREADY work! Cancer must have iron for cell division, and cancer cells have 12 to 18 times more iron “receptors” than normal cells. I used lactoferrin to starve them of iron. Cancer must have copper for sprouting new blood vessels for expansion, and must have glucose for energy. I used carnosine to block the neoplasms from using copper and glucose. I used anti-angiogenics like Ceylon cinnamon and sea cucumber to starve the growths of blood supply. They ALL died and became hard lumps, confirmed by a veterinarian to be dead. “Triterpenoids” from apple peel and “oleuropein” from olive leaf are both very toxic to cancer. I preferred lactoferrin to artemisinin as they both focus on iron to kill tumors (artemisinin or wormwood incites iron to kill cancer by free radical damage) but lactoferrin has other immune system benefits.

    Gout attack? Put an end to it within 90 minutes with a strong cup of coffee.
    After being on several elite substances for three days, I notice no joint discomfort in my fingers on awakening (PQQ—Annatto tocotrienols—Jiaogulan and Astaxanthin). People on Rx blood thinners cannot take Vitamin K-2n unless counterbalanced with some thinner like taurine, nor can they take a thinner like Jiaogulan sans adding some Vitamin K-2. Do not expect any open mind from your MD about any non_rx substance, they are little better than the British opium dealers in 1830s China.

    PQQ, Annatto tocotrienols and Jiaogulan if taken over a multi-month period are likely to generate outcomes beyond what can be believed. C60 “fullerene” I do NOT recommend. Cross-check a half dozen sources not trying to sell things to you before taking anything.

  2. I’ve been preaching gold and silver since 1999. Only a very few believed and took my advice. Most wrote me off as an alarmist. The vast population is like an Ostrich putting it’s head in a hole, pretending that everything will work its way out, as long as they don’t look. Every example of human existence tells the same story…..All empires fall due to money dilution and liberal lifestyles. (Look at San Fransisco, Detroit, Baltimore) The people of Israel refused to listen to their prophets and suffered horribly. Today, we refuse to listen to the Gary Christianson’s of the world and like the children of Israel we will suffer horribly. I have payed attention and continue to buy gold and silver. Like a thief in the night, the day of reckoning will come.

  3. There will be plenty of pills to take for this train wreck that will be coming.

    None of which will help really, except maybe Cyanide, for the one’s who lost the family fortunes, and Thorazine for the one’s to cope with the lost.

    For me, take a chill, I need no pill, Gold and Silver, fill the bill…….


  4. The pain of too much reality is beyond the ability of most Americans to endure.
    I’ve been reading 100 authors over 17 years to at least try to have a chance at
    survival … I spent 6 years writing a book , that not even my family would read
    because “it doesn’t have a happy ending.

    I equate what I’ve been doing to – “a snake hander” injecting small amounts
    of venom every day, to survive the inevitable bite!
    95% of Americans are totally unprepared to accept the psychological
    skock of what’s coming … the more you try to explain it to them , the
    more of an idiot you become in their eyes… this is especially true of
    the J-mythers who insist they must be victims to qualify for the big air
    lift…. the war party is paying the Evanjellyfish ministers overtime pay
    to convince 25% of the most wealthy J-mythers , that WW3 will
    expedite the arrival of King Kahuna…. it’s way too late to do anything
    to save America… we’ve been altered at the DNA level, and are
    faltering between human and sub human… it’s become a race
    back to Ameba.

    I wish I had something positive to say… but I see nothing.
    The winners of this game are those who lose the least.

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