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Gary Christenson aka The Deviant Investor
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Gary Christenson is the owner and writer for the popular and contrarian investment site Deviant Investor and the author of “Buy Gold Save Gold! The $10K Logic” and “Gold Value and Gold Prices 1971 – 2021.” He is a retired accountant and business manager with 35 years experience studying markets, investing, and trading. He writes about gold, silver, the economy, and central banking. His articles are published on Deviant Investor as well as other popular sites such as 321gold.com, peakprosperity.com, goldseek.com, and dollarcollapse.com.

Many years ago he did graduate work in physics (all but dissertation), so he believes in analysis, objective facts, and rational decisions based on hard data.

Contact me: deviantinvestor  “at”  gmail.com for comments or recommendations about purchasing gold and silver.

You might enjoy my books:

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“Buy Gold Save Gold! The $10K Logic”

“Gold:  10.000 dollars?”  German Language in hardcover

Gold Value and Gold Prices 1971 – 2021

Gold Value and Gold Prices 1971 – 2021 – second edition”

34 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Gary-

    David Morgan//

    I would like permission to republish most of you Silver and Sanity article. I made a call to Andy Schectman but of course need your permission.

    It would be in my private newsletter and I would credit you/MIles Franklin of course.

  2. Hi Gary,
    i am just reading your book with Jürgen Müller in german.
    Could you explain the formula, please. I am not able to calculate any reasonable fair value of gold.



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