Central Banking

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Price Extremes, The Trapped Fed and Scapegoats

Fantasy: A Wormhole On Wall Street

The Naughty List

Blowing Bubbles For Fun and Profit

Serenity Prayer for Central Bankers

Central Banker Desperation

Red Pill Realities

Truth Lies and Inflation

Magic Money Tree Economics

Eccles Prison Blues

Committed to … Fed View

A Reverse Bucket List

Central Banks and The Stock Market

The Dorothy Cronicles

Financial Disaster and the Fed Chair

Hotel California and the Federal Reserve

Death of the Penny

Titanic Parallel To Federal Reserve

Death Valley,  Snowballs, and Fiat Currency

The Costs of Dragon Maintenance

Fed Chair Yellen’s Plan B

On the Sidelines in Cash

Fed Credibility Problems

Fiction, Fairy Tales, Fiat, Hyperinflationary Collapse

After the US Put Bankers and Politicians in Charge

Uncomfortable Truths About Banking and Money

When the Truth Is Found to Be Lies

Hotel California or the Hotel Marriner Eccles

Fiscal and Monetary Madness

Keep the Money Game Churning

Zika, ZIRP, and NIRP Viruses

WMD – Weapons of Mass Destruction

It Takes A Village

National Debt – One is Too Many

Debt and the Tinderbox

Suicidal Credit-Based Money System

Crazy Is My Middle Name

Mr. Ponzi – Patron Saint

The Silence of the Lambs

The Circus Is In Town

Silver and Gold vs. Fiat Lies

Exponential Explosions in Debt

Deflation and Central Bank Delusions

Debt, Default, and Taxes (DDT) Are Poison

QE Is Hazardous to Your Retirement

It’s head for “the mattresses” time for savers worldwide

Silver & Gold: You Have to LIE!

The Madness of Men

Big Ben’s Ghost of QE Past, Present, and Future

QE4 is the Drug of Choice

We Have Been Warned! – Part 3

We Have Been Warned! – Part 2

We Have Been Warned!

Debt Monetization: Legal Counterfeiting




No future

Time Bomb

Fed Reserve Printing


Thanks to Jim Sinclair for this image.

Political Videos


Ron Paul: We’re Broke and Already Over Fiscal Cliff – Bloomberg 11/08/2012

Grant Williams eloquently explains some of the insanity in our current financial world and explains why sovereign debt is in a bubble ready to burst. He also shows why gold will be the next bubble and why it will rise in price to much higher levels. 28 minutes, 44 seconds

GE Christenson
aka Deviant Investor

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