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Cycles: What Goes Up Comes Down

NOT-Predictions for 2020

Inflation: Dead or Alive?

The Naughty List and Grizzly Bears

The Days the Music Died

The Sounds of Silence and Hopium

The Journey, Not the Destination

Inflation Ghosts: Past, Present and Future

Free Lunch

Camping Out in Crazy Town

Bunnies, Bombers and Butter

Downturns and Financial Crises

Avoid the Financial Circus

MAGA and Government Myths

Peering Over the Abyss

Transition into Economic Night

The Economic Road Ahead

A Bad Moon Rising

Another Day Older and Deeper In Debt

The Approaching Storm


End of The World – Part 2

End of The World – Part 1

Treat Symptoms or Causes

Universal Basic Income

Market Tops Take Time

Printing Money and Cocaine

Introducing the Snowflake Manifesto

Crude Oil and Gasoline Prices

Sane People Know Better

Currencies – Truth and Confidence

Ignoring Economic Reality

Speculation on Hyperinflation

Stairway to Heaven

Debt and Delusions – Part Two

Debt and Delusions – Part One

“Take A Pill” Consequences

Train Wreck – Bill Holter

Shelter From The Coming Storm

Lemonade Stand Economics

Markets Have Gone “Thelma and Louise”

The End of The Road Is Here

Shooting Ourselves In the Foot

Sacrificing Future Spending

BitCoin and Gold

The State of the Union – Markets

Do You Prefer Poison or Antidote?

Distractions and Blame

For Stock Market Investors

A Return to Financial Sanity

How To Prevent A Tax Lien

Rig For Stormy Weather

We Buy Everything That Is Useful

Rob From The Middle Class Economics

Cryptocurrencies – An Unstoppable Trend

New Thinking and Different Actions

Total Eclipse of Sense

In A Better World

All Roads Lead to the Bubble-City Danger Zone

Falling Rocks in the Promised Land

Debt is Financial Life – Nonsense!

Improvised Explosives in Markets

When Will They Ever Learn?

Dow Euphoria

The Return of Stagflation

Depression, Stagflation, Stag-Depress-Flation

Major Markets at Turning Points

Signs of the Times – Videos

A New Dow High

Interest Rate Turn

Rising Rates in Imploding Bond Markets

Fake News – Fake Money

Rising Rates in Imploding Bond Markets

Plan for Trump to Make Our Money Great Again

Post-Election Mathematics

The Titanic Sinks on Election Day

Election Outcome on Precious Metals

Inflation:  The Simple Explanation is Theft

Federal Reserve Note is Dying

Scams and Fantasies – An Even Dozen

War on Cash

Grand Ascension or Great Collapse

Election Fraud Probabilities

All Time Highs

Your Retirment Income is at Risk – part 2

Your Retirement Income is at Risk

BitCoin and Stagflation

The Preservation of Perks, Privileges, and Power

Give Me Control Of …

Monetary Madness, Political Madness, Debt Madness

Deja Rear View Mirror

Free Stuff, Monopoly Money and Free Passes

Retirement Dreams and Nightmares

Politically Incorrect Insights

Sovereign Debt – What Could Go Wrong?

The Logic of Paper Money, Debt, and Gold

Michael Rivero on Financial Crashes

10 Questions About our Broken System

Next Up For Our Chaotic World

S&P Significant Low – No

Endgame, NIRP, and Central Bank Wars

Fiscal and Monetary Madness

Trump vs. The Establishment

Keep the Money Game Churning

It Has Begun

Crude Oil Bottoms and Blues

A Short History of Paper Money

Strange and Crazy in the Financial World

The FDIC Can No Longer Ensure the Return of Your Deposits

Dishonest Money Will Die

Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

Silly Season and Silly Fiscal Policy

Global Players at Financial Poker Table

Dollar Decline Cycle

Circling the Toilet

Take the Low Risk Road

Train Wrecks Past and Future

It Takes A Village

When Will US Debt Hit the Wall?

Bikers, Bonds, and Black Swans

Asking the Wrong Questions

Debt and the Tinderbox

National Debt – One is Too Many

Suicidal Credit Based Money System

Dollar Danger Zone

An Insane Financial World

House of Cards – Will It Collapse

With a Bang Or a Whimper

Twilight Zone Economies – Part 2

The Rise of the Paper Machines

Twilight Zone Economics

S&P Cycles Suggest Caution

3 Sigma Extremes in the Bond Market

Capital Destruction of the American People

Expect Extremes – 2

Expect Extremes – 1

The Titanic Sinks At Dawn

The Silence of the Lambs

The Circus Is In Town

Gold and Debt:  Astonishing Comparisons

Exponential Explosions in Debt

Deflation and Central Bank Delusions

Basic Truths and Consequences

Crude Oil, US National Debt, and Silver

Debt, Default, and Taxes (DDT) Are Poison

Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

A Tale of Two Cities

When Will They Ever Learn?

Long Cycles and Trend Changes

“Destroying Confidence – the Last 40 Years”

“Banker Immunity”

“Houston, We Have A Problem”

Russian Roulette – Derivative Style

The Budget Box & Containing the Craziness

The 60th Anniversary of Nothing Special

Brave New Deviant World

14 Questions for 2014

Fire and Ice: Inflation and Deflation

Control via Interlocking Complicity

Gold, S&P, or the Dollar, Mr. Bernanke?

Gold, Silver and the Debt Ceiling

The Smell of Collapse is in the Air – Part 3

The Smell of Collapse is in the Air – Part 2

The Smell of Collapse is in the Air – Part 1

Going Dark! Economic Cycles Point Downward

This Crazy Extend & Pretend Economic World

Scandals & Economic Disasters!

The Incredible Weight of Quantitative Easing

What is YOUR Inflation Rate?

A Tipping Point In The Financial System – Part 2

A Tipping Point In The Financial System – Part 1

What You Think Is True Might Be False and Costly!

It’s Going To End Badly

How To Solve Our Unemployment, Economic, and Mortgage Problems

What Could Go Wrong? And How Gold Will Benefit!

Shelter from The Coming Storm – Gold, Silver, and Real Assets

Non-Predictions for 2013 & 2014

Ten Steps to Safety

The Power and Greed Pyramid

We Can Ignore Reality!

The End of the World – What, Me Worry?

The No-Thanks-Giving Parade

Back to Basics: A Planned Crisis?

Your Personal Bailout – a G.I.F.T.

Hope and Change – Deviant Version

Gold, Paper, and a Train Wreck

Don’t Worry, Be Happy, and PREPARE!

Will The Inflation Monster Devour Your Savings?

Investment Poker: Nightmare in the Danger Zone

2012 Election Winner

Letter to My Grandson

Inauguration Day 2013: Predictions

Something For Nothing?

Investment Thinking “Outside The Box”

Does the Wall Street Casino Conspire Against You? What to Do?

Dollar Depreciation – Slow or Rapid? What it Means for YOUR Purchasing Power!






stock market

Shadow Stats-Inflation

Obama Health Care

Though Shall Not

Financial Repression

Debt & Magazines

Texas Gun Owners


Football Can

Recycle Bin

Santa News-469x299

Fiscal Problem

Fiscal Cliff

Wall Street Justice-469x328

Political Videos

Dr. Barbara Bellar, Candidate for Illinois State Senate, August 2012 – Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence – 1 minutes, 42 seconds

Hal Mason, July 2012 – The Federal Budget Can’t be Fixed – 5 minutes, 38 seconds

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aka Deviant Investor

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