S&P and Gold Extremes and Reversals

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Gary Christenson - Deviant Investor

Michael Lombardi has written many good articles about gold, the economy and the stock market. A few are listed below:

Why I’m So Cautious About 2014
Massive Shock Coming to the Gold Market Soon?
If Gold’s A Bad Investment, Why…
January Indicator Points to a Terrible 2014 For Stocks

A few quotes from his articles:

“…central banks will be the major drivers of gold bullion prices going forward. Countries like China and Russia will need more of the yellow metal, because they simply do not have enough in their reserves compared to the United States, France, Germany, or Italy.”

“The stock market looks like it’s in big trouble. This shouldn’t be a surprise to my readers; I have predicting this event for months.
“So far in 2014, and we are only three weeks into it, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has shed 709 points (4.3%). But I think the explosions for 2014 are just getting started.”

“Why can’t Germany get its gold back? Do Western central banks really have any gold left in their reserves or have they sold it all? And why is China, now the world’s second-largest economy, buying so much gold? These are questions that lead me to one conclusion: gold prices should be a lot higher than they are today.”

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