Omisego (OMG): What It Is and Why You Should Be Interested

Guest post from Ravinder Sahu:

For those interested in cryptocurrencies:

Many things have changed in recent years, and one of them is that people have figured out how to pay one another while circumventing big banks. It started with Bitcoin but has expanded from there, so if you’re wondering if and what kind to buy, read on to find out more about OmiseGo (OMG). This is one of the most intriguing and promising Ethereum-based financial technologies used in mainstream digital wallets. Whether you’ve found yourself in debt or you’ve simply been looking for a less conventional and more private way to make purchases and manage your budget, OMG could be an option for you.

Well, What is OmiseGo?


This financial technology enables peer-to-peer financial technology in real time. The payment services go across jurisdictions, flat money, decentralized currencies, and organizational silos. Much like the other types that have gone before it, it was designed to disrupt existing institutions while still providing access to everyone via the OmiseGo network and digital wallet framework. The three tenets it’s based on are accessibility (no bank account needed), scalability (instant settlement at low cost), and security (decentralized currencies and decentralized flat token custody).

What are the Benefits of Using OmiseGo?


People are wondering how to buy OmiseGo, or what the benefits are of OmiseGo, and many anticipate this flexible SDK wallet technology will truly disrupt the more traditional private banking sector. One of the biggest reasons this will likely be successful is backing from Vitalik. Its early success has already led many to believe that more investors will be coming along to back them. It’s primed for a full release of its product in Q4 of this year. Its Etherium partnership also speaks to this, as their public support will likely help stack the tech deck and help it edge out the competition.

As of print time, it hasn’t been confirmed but it’s likely this will be stored and traded as most altcoins, meaning you won’t have to write down a new set of keys and download a new wallet every time you decide to invest. Besides, you know that online gambling hasn’t been working out for you! This is a promising sign for investors.

Payment processing will also be easier if OMG takes its proper role in the crypto space, avoiding the nightmare the Stripe has been on online payments.

Lastly, you’ll be getting the bank rewards without the pain of bureaucracy. Avoid the red tape with user perks—like contests, reward points, etc.—that are similar to what a big bank might offer but without the contracts or centralization of them.

If you’re already in the altcoin game or you’re considering making an investment and giving this alternative and promising route a go, OmiseGo should be at the top of your list.

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Gary Christenson

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